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August 23 – Given the current unpredictable nature of the COVID pandemic, especially as the Delta variant becomes dominant, it seems unwise to plan indoor in-person meetings this fall. Therefore, we have postponed event planning until the New Year.

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Recent News and Views

Questions from a Christian student (6/17/2021) - In early June, HAAM received an email from a senior high school student living in a Christian family and community who was eager to learn about atheism for a school project they were preparing on the topic. Details of that email will remain confidential to protect the student’s identity. Here is the response that was […]
Medical Assistance in Dying does not cancel Palliative Care (1/3/2021) - This is a guest post by Tammy Pham, Advocacy Lead Chair for the Winnipeg chapter of Dying With Dignity Canada. People who are opposed to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) frequently pit palliative care against MAiD, claiming that the health care system should focus on palliative care rather than encouraging people to die; or that […]
11 Questions for Atheists – Part 2 (6/27/2020) - Last month, we asked HAAM members to submit their answers to these common questions. If you missed their submissions, you can catch up by reading Part 1 now. Most of the people who responded answered one or two questions – but Chad Froese tackled ALL of them. His answers were so amazing and insightful that […]

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Humanist Perspectives magazine

HAAM is proud to support Humanist Perspectives, published four times a year by the Canadian Humanist Publications Board.

Humanist Perspectives is the only Humanist magazine published in Canada, covering both topical and timeless issues as well as providing a refreshing, rational analysis of modern events and culture.

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