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Calls to Action

Ask Winnipeg City Council to Stop Praying

church and stateDid you know that Christian prayers are still being recited at Winnipeg City Council meetings?

Learn about what’s going on, and what you can do about it, here.



Join HAAM in demanding an end to Blasphemy Laws

Blasphemy is a illegal in a number of countries, including Canada!

blasphemy crime

Support free speech around the world! Please add your name to these online petitions:

  1. Repeal Canada’s blasphemy law
  2. Stop the censorship of atheist social media pages

For more information see our June newsletter.

Support the Right to Choose

never againBill C-225 would put women’s rights to abortion in jeopardy.

Voice your opposition by signing the e-petition here.

More information is in our May Newsletter.


Charity of the Month

In October we are collecting money for our sponsored student’s annual tuition at the Kasese Humanist School in Uganda. For more information, check here.

Donations for the Charity of the Month will be accepted at any of our events.. Tax receipts are available for donations over $10. If you would like to donate but cannot attend the meeting, you can do so via the ‘Donate’ button on this page. Please specify that the donation is for the Charity of the Month.

To view a list of our past charities, click here.

Recent News and Views

church-and-state City Council Prayers Violate Rights (10/1/2016) - You’ve probably seen in the news that Tony Governo has taken the next step in his fight to end religious prayers at Winnipeg City Council meetings. (If you haven’t followed this story from the beginning, see City Flouts Supreme Court Ruling on Prayer.) In September, Tony received the following response to his letter to Winnipeg’s […]
No-Prayer City Flouts Supreme Court Ruling on Prayer (9/6/2016) - The Ruling In April 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Christian prayers at city council meetings in Saguenay, Quebec were unconstitutional. The ruling makes it clear that, in order to promote and respect the rights of all citizens, governments must maintain neutrality with regard to religion. The following excerpts from the ruling illustrate […]
nephilim We Get Mail! An Apologist Writes to HAAM (7/26/2016) - The letter HAAM recently received this letter from an anonymous email address containing the word “Jesus”: Hey guys, I found your site while googling pix for Bible stories. As the Messianic rabbis say, “Coincidence is not kosher!” Anyways, I write to offer perspective.   Your issues with Bible contradictions are explained pretty easily. First, the […]


More issues and opinions here.

Upcoming Events
  1. The Humanism of Star Trek

    November 19 @ 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  2. Book Club Meeting – Parenting Without God

    November 24 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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December 17th - Solstice Party

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