Je Suis Charlie Je Suis Charlie (1/21/2015) - Je Suis Charlie For the record, as a statement of our values, we at HAAM wholeheartedly denounce the violence wrought in Paris, France, by terrorists who attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo. This cold-blooded act of murder is offensive to our beliefs and is causing us much heartache and grief. Our sympathies go out to […]
Bittersweet Humanism Bittersweet Humanism (7/6/2014) - There are millions of posts on Facebook. Recently, I came across this post on a page simply called Atheism. It really hit home with me. It was written by Andrew Cutlip after a religious friend of his said non-believers don’t believe in anything except their own non-belief. Many of us have heard variations of this […]
pat m What is a Humanist? (5/29/2014) - What is a Humanist? The Oxford English Dictionary defines humanism as a “rationalist outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters.” Humanism can be described as a godless philosophy based on reason and compassion. A more in depth definition is one described by the BHA (British Humanist […]
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