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Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, indoor events are canceled for the time being. Our regular monthly meetings are resuming – online via Zoom. Check the newsletter or event post for more information.

Please watch for updates here, on our social media accounts, and in our monthly newsletter.

What’s New

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If an event has to be canceled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we’ll try to get the word out ASAP. Check this page, our Facebook page, or our MeetUp page for announcements and updates.

Calls to Action

As Humanists, we need to support and speak up about what matters to us.

Donate blood to help COVID patients

Canadian Blood Services is conducting clinical trials to see if antibodies from the blood of recovered COVID patients can be used to help treat others who are sick. They need blood donations from people who have recovered to use in the trials.

If you, or anyone you know, has recovered from COVID-19, please check out this information.

Can you save a baby’s life?

If you, or anyone you know, is of mixed ethnicity (Filipino and Caucasion), you may be able to donate stem cells to a Winnipeg baby with a life-threating disease. Time is running out for him. Read about how you can help, in this CBC News article.

Charity of the Month

Our Charity of the Month program has resumed and donations can be made online using the ‘Donate’ link (in the right sidebar on a computer, or scroll to the bottom of the page if using a phone).

Please read the current ewsletter for more information.

If you are looking for a worthwhile secular cause to support, click here to take a look at a list of charities we have supported in the past.

Recent News and Views

11 Questions for Atheists – Part 2 (6/27/2020) - Last month, we asked HAAM members to submit their answers to these common questions. If you missed their submissions, you can catch up by reading Part 1 now. Most of the people who responded answered one or two questions – but Chad Froese tackled ALL of them. His answers were so amazing and insightful that […]
11 Questions for Atheists – Part 1 (6/1/2020) - If you talk to the religious in person, at an outreach or online, (or maybe they’re family), you’ll often hear the same questions over and over. A while back, I came across a list of 10 of these common questions on Facebook. What followed in the comment section was mostly snark and general ridicule, with […]
Passages: Memories of a former HAAM member (12/28/2019) - HAAM recently received this letter from one of our members, Janine Guinn. It’s a heartwarming story about our community, the friendships we make within it, and the bonds we form with our fellow HAAMsters. If you live within driving distance of Winnipeg (HAAM) or Steinbach (Eastman Humanist Community), make the effort to attend local events […]

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Humanist Perspectives magazine

HAAM is proud to support Humanist Perspectives, published four times a year by the Canadian Humanist Publications Board.

Humanist Perspectives is the only Humanist magazine published in Canada, covering both topical and timeless issues as well as providing a refreshing, rational analysis of modern events and culture.

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January 16th

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December 19th

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