Our Philosophy

A number of Secular Humanist philosophies exist, all similar in that they embrace human reason and ethics, while specifically rejecting supernaturalism and superstition, as the bases of morality and decision making.

Here is HAAM’s philosophy:

  • That we can live full, meaningful lives, without religious doctrines, by relying on rationality, honesty, cooperation, fairness and respect for each other.
  • That we use democratic principles, logic and scientific inquiry to find realistic solutions to problems.
  • That we foster good ethics, virtues and critical thinking in our children to help them grow to be decent, responsible and active members of society.
  • That we protect and improve our planet for future generations by scientific breakthroughs in medicine and technology, and by not inflicting needless suffering on other species.
  • That separation of religion and state is upheld in all levels of government to ensure equality and fairness for all.