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Questions from a Christian student (6/17/2021) - In early June, HAAM received an email from a senior high school student living in a Christian family and community who was eager to learn about atheism for a school project they were preparing on the topic. Details of that email will remain confidential to protect the student’s identity. Here is the response that was […]
Medical Assistance in Dying does not cancel Palliative Care (1/3/2021) - This is a guest post by Tammy Pham, Advocacy Lead Chair for the Winnipeg chapter of Dying With Dignity Canada. People who are opposed to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) frequently pit palliative care against MAiD, claiming that the health care system should focus on palliative care rather than encouraging people to die; or that […]
11 Questions for Atheists – Part 2 (6/27/2020) - Last month, we asked HAAM members to submit their answers to these common questions. If you missed their submissions, you can catch up by reading Part 1 now. Most of the people who responded answered one or two questions – but Chad Froese tackled ALL of them. His answers were so amazing and insightful that […]
11 Questions for Atheists – Part 1 (6/1/2020) - If you talk to the religious in person, at an outreach or online, (or maybe they’re family), you’ll often hear the same questions over and over. A while back, I came across a list of 10 of these common questions on Facebook. What followed in the comment section was mostly snark and general ridicule, with […]
Passages: Memories of a former HAAM member (12/28/2019) - HAAM recently received this letter from one of our members, Janine Guinn. It’s a heartwarming story about our community, the friendships we make within it, and the bonds we form with our fellow HAAMsters. If you live within driving distance of Winnipeg (HAAM) or Steinbach (Eastman Humanist Community), make the effort to attend local events […]
Outreach Report – Morden 2019 (9/27/2019) - This year, instead of the usual report from our intrepid President and Outreach coordinator, Pat Morrow, we have a personal story from a volunteer who sat in the booth for the first time. This volunteer is a relatively new HAAM member who originally came from Europe and needs to remain anonymous for professional reasons (i.e. […]
Why doesn’t God make himself known? (1/28/2019) - Peter Enns (aka The Village Atheist), a member of HAAM’s partner group, the Eastman Humanist Community, was asked the following question on Quora: If God created the Earth and wanted humans to know that he created it, why did he not write an indestructible Bible instead of having humans write it for him?  This was his response: This is a very […]
Outreach Report: Stonewall Corn and Apple? (9/25/2018) - That seems like a strange title for this report, but it was a busy August for HAAM as we did two outreach events back to back – at Stonewall Quarry Days and the Morden Corn and Apple Festival. Six days of outreach within two weeks felt like one big long event, and it was hard […]
Publicly Funded Groups Must Respect Human Rights (1/29/2018) - The January 25th edition of the Steinbach Carillon published a column by Michael Zwaagstra regarding the attestation that applicants for the Federal Summer Jobs Program are required to sign before receiving public money. (The column is behind a paywall.) Mr Zwaagstra is a teacher, a Steinbach city councillor, an evangelical Christian, and a contributor to […]
Show Me the Evidence (12/31/2017) - Believers take note – if you are presenting your beliefs to those who don’t already share them (atheists, agnostics, or members of any religion other than your own), you must be prepared to offer evidence for your claims. Expect to have your evidence critically examined before being accepted. If you cannot make your beliefs appear […]
Evolution vs. Creation – Christianity Tries to Stay Relevant (10/29/2017) - What the Heck is ‘Evolutionary Creationism’? At the beginning of the documentary Losing Our Religion, philosopher Daniel Dennett says “Religion Is going through a profound revolutionary period and we’re right in the middle of it”. I agree, and I think this is happening on many fronts and in many religions. Just recently, I had a […]
Event Review – Human Rights: By Design or By Default? (7/26/2017) -   A curious and committed group of HAAMsters attended the debate Human Rights: By Design or By Default at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in July. It was part of an apologetics conference, so they were greatly outnumbered by the 400+ Christian conference attendees. It was worth going just to support and hear Dr. […]
Tough Questions from the Old Testament (6/25/2017) - A Biblical Challenge During a conversation with a Christian at our outreach booth in Steinbach, I cited Numbers 31 (in particular verses 7-11 and 17-18) as an example of Yahweh’s cruelty in the Old Testament. She informed me that the pastor at her church had explained away all the concerns about that chapter in a […]
Event Review: Can Faith and Science Coexist? (3/28/2017) - Diversitas is a series of community presentations held in Morden, Manitoba, designed to educate and inform people about the diversity of humanity. On March 22, the topic was “Can Faith and Science Coexist?”, and the guest speaker was Dr. Patrick Franklin (PhD, McMaster Divinity College), Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics at Providence Theological Seminary, […]
HAAM Takes on Apologetics – Part 2 (3/6/2017) - If you missed Part 1, go back and start there first. Welcome to Christian Apologetics Fellow HAAM member Tony Governo and I were invited to the recent apologetics conference held at Riverwood Church after being interviewed in preparation for it. The title of the conference was “(Un)Apologetic” and its sub heading was “Rational, Gracious, True.” […]
HAAM Takes On Apologetics – Part 1 (1/30/2017) - Invitation to an Apologetics Conference HAAM was recently contacted by Pastor Dennis Maione of the Riverwood Church Community. He was looking to interview Humanists/atheists with the idea of coming to a better understanding of what we believe, and exposing his fellow Christians to ideas that may be foreign to them. Or, as he put it in his […]
Event Review: God and the Galaxies – a Jesuit perspective from the Vatican Observatory (12/3/2016) - Jesuit priest and astronomer Dr. Richard D’Souza recently presented this lecture at St Paul’s College. Rick Dondo attended it, hoping to be treated to images of the night sky and some scientific explanations of them. That turned out to be hardly the case, but the evening was interesting nonetheless. If you’re curious about how religious scientists […]
When Good Intentions Cross Ethical Lines (11/3/2016) - HAAM’s VP Pat Morrow recently contacted Southland Church (Steinbach) to express his concerns about their association with organizations whose conduct in Uganda is unethical. Below, he explains those concerns and then discusses Southland’s response. An Ethical Question When the actions of a person or organization include both good and bad, when does the good outweigh […]
City Council Prayers Violate Rights (10/1/2016) - You’ve probably seen in the news that Tony Governo has taken the next step in his fight to end religious prayers at Winnipeg City Council meetings. (If you haven’t followed this story from the beginning, see City Flouts Supreme Court Ruling on Prayer.) In September, Tony received the following response to his letter to Winnipeg’s […]
City Flouts Supreme Court Ruling on Prayer (9/6/2016) - The Ruling In April 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Christian prayers at city council meetings in Saguenay, Quebec were unconstitutional. The ruling makes it clear that, in order to promote and respect the rights of all citizens, governments must maintain neutrality with regard to religion. The following excerpts from the ruling illustrate […]
We Get Mail! An Apologist Writes to HAAM (7/26/2016) - The letter HAAM recently received this letter from an anonymous email address containing the word “Jesus”: Hey guys, I found your site while googling pix for Bible stories. As the Messianic rabbis say, “Coincidence is not kosher!” Anyways, I write to offer perspective.   Your issues with Bible contradictions are explained pretty easily. First, the […]
HAAM Supports Diversity Education in Manitoba Schools (5/2/2016) - The Issue You may have heard the story of a young mother in southern Manitoba who spoke at a Hanover School Division board meeting after her child was bullied for having two Moms. She asked for the school board to actively address its policies around diversity and allow discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity […]
The Winnipeg Police Service – Religious or Secular? (4/4/2016) - Former police officer Bob Russell served with the Winnipeg Police Service for 35 years, from 1976 to 2012. He served in uniform patrol divisions, the detective branch, and forensic identification section, retiring at the rank of Sergeant. Since retirement, he continues to follow current issues within the department. He is dead against the creep of […]
Reactions to the Syrian Refugee Crisis (12/1/2015) - There has been no shortage of controversy in both the mainstream and social media networks lately over Syrian refugees. Canada has committed to accepting 25,000 of them over the next few months. This has prompted criticism – and worse – from every kind of fear-mongerer, racist, and xenophobe. Meanwhile, desperate people are trying to escape […]
Should Creationism Be Allowed In Publicly Funded Schools? (10/14/2015) - UPDATED 17 October 2015 (added rebuttal from Nick Martin and additional statement from HAAM) You may have seen the following editorial, by Nick Martin, which appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press on 9 October, 2015. It refers to a news release that HAAM sent to the Free Press in early September prior to River City […]
The Niqab – Yes or No? (10/6/2015) - Note: The following article expresses the views of the author and may not represent the views of all HAAM members. I have no use for any religion – to me, Islam and Christianity are on equal playing fields. I think both are equally dangerous, and both have done tremendous harm to humanity. Without going too […]
Arthur Schafer Is it Ethical to Talk Someone Out of their Faith? (8/11/2015) - The Presentation: At our May meeting, University of Manitoba philosophy Professor Arthur Schafer was asked whether it is ethical to try to talk people out of their religion if it gives them comfort. He answered the question decisively by emphatically stating that not only is it ethical to talk people out of superstitious beliefs; it […]
Should Proselytization of Children be allowed in our Public Schools? (5/3/2015) -   1976 was my last year at Principal Sparling, a little elementary school in the West End of Winnipeg. It was also the first year that Winnipeg #1 School Division did not open the morning exercises with the Lord’s Prayer or Christian Bible readings. There would be no more kids with the name Goldberg, Mahmoud, […]
Messy Muddled Morality (2/6/2015) -   For many religious people there is comfort in the belief that moral questions have all been answered by their holy books. I can see the appeal of rules and structure, in that following a recipe will lead to the desired outcome. It must be nice for them to be able to open a book […]
Je Suis Charlie (1/21/2015) - For the record, as a statement of our values, we at HAAM wholeheartedly denounce the violence wrought in Paris, France, by terrorists who attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo. This cold-blooded act of murder is offensive to our beliefs and is causing us much heartache and grief. Our sympathies go out to all of those […]
Bittersweet Humanism (7/6/2014) - There are millions of posts on Facebook. Recently, I came across this post on a page simply called Atheism. It really hit home with me. It was written by Andrew Cutlip after a religious friend of his said non-believers don’t believe in anything except their own non-belief. Many of us have heard variations of this […]
What is a Humanist? (5/29/2014) - Definition The Oxford English Dictionary defines humanism as a “rationalist outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters.” Humanism can be described as a godless philosophy based on reason and compassion. A more in depth definition is one described by the BHA (British Humanist Association). The word […]
Footprints (2/19/2014) - I have long been fascinated with the evolutionary history of humans. The discoveries made by anthropologists and archaeologists are of great interest to me as I seek to learn more about where we come from and the amazing journey we have made. With each new fossil discovery, another puzzle piece is added to the picture […]
Gifts, Giving and Goodness (12/29/2013) - Recently, some of the members of the HAAM executive were having a discussion about how we, as a group, could encourage and promote more activities related to giving back to our communities, volunteerism and charitable works. Last year HAAM started an informal process of highlighting a charity of the month and doing something to promote […]
Hope For the Future: a Humanist Perspective (12/23/2013) - Religion is dying. It has been a slow and long and sometimes painful death, and it will continue for some time. It started a very long time ago with great thinkers like Democritus and Epicurus, continued later with reformers like Martin Luther, who I’m sure will be familiar to many. The Age of Reason gave […]
Atheists (Mostly) Welcomed in Bible Belt (9/22/2013) - Intrepid humanist atheists once again braved the unknown as we took our “You are Not Alone” outreach campaign into the bible belt for a second year at the Morden Corn and Apple Festival. These are some of the impressions of those who staffed the booths: Jane I was quite the baked HAAM after 3 days […]
Manitoba Bill 18 (3/30/2013) - HAAM supports Manitoba Bill 18.  Here’s why. Bill 18 is anti-bullying legislation, introduced by the provincial Education Minister, Nancy Allen, which modifies the Public Schools Act (Safe and Inclusive Schools). In part, it expands the definition of bullying to include cyber-bullying, through such activities as text messaging, instant messaging and social media. It requires that […]