1 Chronicles 9-11

Chapter 9

This chapter discusses the gradual return of the Israelites to Jerusalem after their exile to Babylon. It lists the names of the families who returned, and details about their roles and occupations; like we care about who guarded the gates and who mixed the spices for the temple.

Saul falls on his sword

Saul falls on his sword

Chapter 10

We’re back to the death of Saul. Huh? The bible has a serious continuity problem….

Chapter 11

In v 4 I learned something new. Jebus was an old name for Jerusalem, and the Jebusites were its original inhabitants (until David captured it and massacred them, anyway). I’ve heard of Jebusites, never gave the name much thought.

The rest of the chapter just rehashes David’s battles and mighty warriors; we’ve been down this road before.

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