1 Chronicles 15-17

Michal sneers at David's dancing

Michal sneers at David’s dancing

Chapter 15

This is a rehash of David’s triumphal procession into Jerusalem with the Ark. It lists the name of every friggin’ musician in the band. Enjoy reading that! The highlight for me was the superstitious nonsense in v 12-15, blaming the disaster of chapter 13 (where the Ark almost toppled and Uzza was killed) on lack of proper procedure.

Chapter 16

V 3 – what the heck? In the KJV everyone gets a flagon of wine, but in the NLT and the NIV they only get cake. I wondered if the modern translators were being circumspect, so I checked the Hebrew-English translation, but it says “a loaf of bread, and a cake made in a pan, and a sweet cake”. So it’s the KJV translators who were off the mark – their own wishful thinking, perhaps? Then David bursts into a syrupy song of praise that goes on for quite a while and includes the quaint line “the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved” (v 30) – definitely pre-scientific thinking here.

Chapter 17

A rehash of 2 Samuel 7 so I have nothing new to say.

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