2 Chronicles 9-12

Chapter 9

Another story of the visit of the Queen of Sheba and enumeration of Solomon’s riches (see 1 Kings 10). zzzzzz – we’ve read all this before. Solomon dies at the end of the chapter.

censoredI’m realizing there is something peculiar about the books of Chronicles compared to Samuel and Kings. It seems that the author(s) of Chronicles wanted to sanitize and glorify the heritage of the Israelites, and so many sordid details of the major stories are omitted, as though they have been censored out. For example, the story of David omits his affair with Bathsheba, and all his ruthless scheming and manipulating, and the story of Solomon ignores all the pagan shrines he built to accommodate his many wives and concubines (who are hardly even mentioned in Chronicles). If you want to get the real dirt on all these guys, you’ve gotta go back and read the stories the way they were written the first time.

Chapters 10 to 12

Just a recap of Rehoboam’s reign and accomplishments as originally told in 1 Kings.

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