Day 137

2 Chronicles 25-27

Chapter 25

V 4 says that parents will not be put to death for the sins of their children, or vice versa. Funny, that’s not what I remember reading in Exodus 20:5. In verse 7, Yahweh takes sides in battle against Israel, for ‘the lord is not with Israel’. Wow, how fickle is that?


Valley of Salt

In verses 11-12, Amaziah captures 10,000 Edomites in the Valley of Salt, just south of the Dead Sea. This was mentioned before in 2 Kings 14:7, but without the salacious detail added here in Chronicles – “he took them to the top of a cliff and threw them off, dashing them to pieces on the rocks below.” Aren’t you glad you know that, now?

Chapter 26

We’re back at 2 Kings 15 with the story of the reign of Uzziah (aka Azariah); however it adds a little more detail about his life in verses 9-14. The end of the chapter, v 16-21, also offers more detail about why god struck him with leprosy (the short answer: burning incense without a licence – seriously).

Chapters 27

More recap of 2 Kings 15. Nothing new here.

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