2 Chronicles 28-31

Chapter 28

We revisit 2 Kings 16, the story of Ahaz. But again there is detail added here that is not found in the original version. Read 28:5-15 for the story of how the prophet Oded persuades the Israelites to show mercy to their prisoners after defeating Judah in battle. You won’t find many stories like this in the bible, so enjoy it.

Chapters 29 and 30

Now we recap the reign of Hezekiah, first told in 2 Kings 18. Other than elaborate descriptions of the thousands of animals slaughtered for sacrifices, and the extravagant Passover celebration, there’s nothing of note here.

tithingChapter 31

Hezekiah introduces tithing, and I have to admit I started to chuckle and think, ‘here we go again’, but I was wrong. Read verses 10-20 which describe what was done with all the offerings. Perhaps this was the original intention of tithing? If so, Hezekiah can be counted as one of very few to carry out that intention honestly. Lots of pastors should read this passage and learn from him.

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