Nehemiah 10-11

Chapter 10


Here come the promises that the people made:

1) not to let their kids intermarry with the riff-raff
2) not to conduct business on the Sabbath
3) to let the land rest and
4) to forgive debts every seven years
5) pay taxes for the temple
6) take turns (as decided by lot) bringing wood to the temple for the burnt offerings, and
7) tithe their harvests, flocks, and first-born sons (yes, really – verse 36) to Yahweh.

Interesting to consider this list – its only commonality with the Ten Commandments would be #2. It’s mostly about serving the temple and the priests (#’s 5, 6, and 7). Only #3 serves any useful purpose, and only #4 minimally addresses morality. As for #1 – well…..

Chapter 11

This is nothing but a list of names of the men who moved into Jerusalem from the surrounding towns. They were chosen by lot to join the leaders, who were already living there. “The people commended everyone who volunteered to resettle in Jerusalem” (v 2). This makes it sound like moving into the newly fortified city wasn’t a desired goal – but if not, why not? Was it considered risky? You can read the list of names yourself if you care… zzzzz.

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