Psalms 26-31


A song for the egotistical, smug, and self-righteous. Fits David to a Tee. Take a gravol before you read this.


Back to the sucking up and whining. The last verse is another well-known chestnut: “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart”. Christians just love to pluck a single verse out of context and set it to music. Psalms are the best example of this. Here’s what I mean – don’t shoot the messenger.


More whining and more desire for vengeance. The cherry-picked verse this time is verse 7. I have an idea – let’s play a game. In every psalm, look for a verse that would make good song lyrics. Then just google that verse – voila! You’re bound to get a hit. Could be contemporary pop, traditional choral, a solo…. Just like Cracker Jack – a surprise every time!


More primitive science – god causes lightening and earthquakes. And more sappy poetry. Verse 2 “Worship the lord in the beauty of holiness” is the first line of a familiar hymn.


More sappy poetry and adulation. Move on.

psalm 31#31

Lots of clichés in this one. Like v 3 – “For thou art my rock and my fortress”. And v 5 “Into thine hand I commit my spirit…” – quoted later by Jesus in Luke 23:46. Mmmmm. V 6 seems to sum up the attitude of a lot of Christians – love god but hate everyone who is not part of your own group. Then more self-pity and attention-seeking and sucking up.

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