Psalms 36-39


This is another that gets no more than a zzzz icon from the SAB, but it’s worth a read. Look at how obsessed David is with affirming himself as good and everyone else as wicked in v 1-4. Yet think about how his own words apply to himself (you’ll know if you read Samuel and Kings), with his machinations and manipulating behavior. Pot, meet kettle! The rest of the psalm is just pure sucking up to Yahweh.


We continue the discussion of good vs wicked. And clearly some of its statements are wishful thinking, eg see v 9-11; 21-26; 33. Verse 13 again illustrates David’s obsession with settling scores. And v 11 should sound familiar – Jesus steals it for a speech in Matthew 5:5.

#38psalm 38

David is sick, and he’s not an easy patient. He’s whining and moaning and feeling sorry for himself. He believes illness comes from god (v 3). He has a fever (v 7), and festering sores (v 5), and is going blind (v 10). Given his philandering, my money would be on some kind of STI.


Here’s another psalm with just zzzz’s, but v 4-7 are an interesting commentary on the fleetingness of life, reminiscent of the Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow soliloquy from Macbeth. But Brahms obviously liked these lines, because he used them as the lyrics for the third movement (Lord, teach me) of his Requiem. After that, however, it deteriorates into the usual schlock.

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