Psalms 58-65

psalm 58#58

This psalm gets icons in the SAB for injustice, cruelty and violence, intolerance, dysfunctional family values, absurdities, bad science, and misogyny – and rightly so. David’s throwing a tantrum, and we all get to listen. He rants that “Wicked people are born sinners” (v 3), and then goes on to describe exactly what he would like god to do to them. Read the whole thing just for the perverted imagery.


Why did I ever think that psalms were songs of praise? Because that’s what I was told in church, and based on the ones we sung or recited, it seemed reasonable. But a lot of them are nothing more than ravings from the diary of a maniac. This one continues in the same manner as the last. Sickening.


David rails on about a lost battle (again). Nothing exciting here, except maybe the image in v 6-8 of god choosing sides. The cities he likes, he claims for himself; the ones he doesn’t like … well, read the verse.


David’s just brown-nosing here. zzzz


More paranoia. Move on.


More sucking up. Move on.


“Hide me from the plots of this evil mob…” What’s with the constant paranoia? And v 7-9 are more than a little disturbing – they depict violence as a conversion tool. David believes that when people see how the wicked are destroyed by god, they will convert.


This is the sort of prayer a pre-scientific farmer would pray. Pretty imagery, but of course not accurate. But hey, at least not violent, either.

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