Psalms 70-73

Psalm 70#70

I cannot believe the constant vitriol in these psalms of David. The guy’s deranged.


This one’s anonymous. It’s another song of praise, but it’s not quite as smarmy as the ones by David. There are some familiar phrases here: “incline thine ear” (v 2); and “thou art my rock and my fortress” (v 3).


This is one of only two psalms attributed to Solomon. He’s praying for himself to be a wise and just leader, and the sentiment is optimistic – a brief but refreshing change from all the anger. This psalm was supposedly the inspiration for the hymn Jesus Shall Reign Where E’er the Sun (and what’s it got to do with Jesus?).


This is the start of Part 3 of the Book of Psalms. Psalms 73-83 were all (supposedly) written by the family of Asaph (see #50). The author is jealous and angry at wicked people who enjoy a life of ease while their riches multiply. (v 3-12) He deeply resents the fact that he has remained pure and holy yet is no better off. Yup, that’s how life works, buddy.

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