Day 180

Psalms 80-85


Just more whining about the good old days and where is god now and why doesn’t he come and help us……


The Israelites did evil and worshiped Pagan gods and so misfortune befell them…. blah blah blah

Psalm 82#82

Another rant about why the wicked should be allowed to prosper (v 2). There are a few words of wisdom in v 3-4.


A plea to Yahweh for aid in battle. There are a bunch of references to characters from Israelite history who suffered nasty fates that the author wishes Yahweh to repeat on their present enemies.


#’s 84 and 85 were written by the sons of Korah. Verses 1, 2, and 4 of #84 were used as the lyrics for the fourth and best-known movement from Brahm’s Requiem – How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings. The whole psalm is pretty much just a sappy paean.



The usual lament to Yahweh about why he has turned his back on Israel. The author longs for the glory days of old and wonders if god will be angry forever, etc etc.

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