Psalms 103-105

What-doesnt-kill-you-makes-you-strongWe are at the halfway point! Did you realize how much of the OT there is after the familiar stories like Noah’s Ark and the Ten Commandments? Bet not….. And there’s still lots left of the OT, which comprises about 3/4 of the bible. My motto – what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.


This one is attributed to David. I notice a distinct pattern in that the psalms that are ‘nice’ ie which portray god as kind, merciful, healing, etc are the ones that are commonly heard and that serve as lyrics or inspiration for hymns and choral compositions. Only makes sense, doesn’t it? This one is no exception – it is the source for the lyrics of the hymn Praise my Soul the King of Heaven. A masterpiece on a pipe organ, it was played at the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip (and used as the processional at my wedding in 1981 as well). I only wish the words of the psalm were true; I simply don’t know who the god is that David describes in these verses, but it’s not the maniac we have read about so far in the OT.

Psalms 104 – 107 were written by unknown authors.


This is an ode to creation. Its imagery is quite lovely, but of course we no longer take it as literal, do we? All that stuff about god stretching out the starry curtain of the heavens, and making his home in the rainclouds (v 2-3). Still, it’s pretty poetry. And all those cute little animals, too (no termites or cockroaches here) …. This psalm could inspire a nice hymn. How about O Worship the King, All Glorious Above


We begin a rehash of the history of the Israelites. Well I’m sure not wasting any more time on that, so I just skimmed it. Wouldn’t make a very good hymn, either, would it? So not surprising that it’s not familiar.

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