Psalms 126-132


This one’s a poem celebrating the return to Jerusalem, also anonymous. Some nice little words of wisdom in v 5-6.


This psalm was supposedly by Solomon. I find that interesting, because he is known for being wise. I have to disagree with every line of this psalm. Make sure to read it all (it’s short). V 1-2 are blatantly incorrect. If they were true there would be no need for police or home security systems; no need for farmers to rise at the crack of dawn. And v 3-5 Oh boy, where to start. These are the favorite verses of ‘pro-life’ supporters. Keep those women barefoot and pregnant. Who has heard of the Quiverfull Movement? If you haven’t, brace yourself!

Psalms 128-130 are again anonymous.

Psalm 128#128

Here we go again with the fear-worship! The clear message is that success and happiness come to those who fear and obey. Without question. And success includes lots of children. Now we are beginning to understand where ‘biblical values’ come from.


Nothing new or interesting in this one. Just more paranoia and desire for vengeance.


Another sad tale of depression and despair from someone crying out for help


Back to David, focused on himself again as usual. With David, it’s always about David.


Now some unknown psalmist is praising David! And affirming that Jerusalem will always be blessed because it’s the City of David. V 12 is demonstrably false; as we already know the Davidic line of kings died out with Zedekiah. And without knowing much about Jerusalem, I have my doubts about the truth of v 15 as well.

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