Psalms 140-145

Psalm 140#140

Well this certainly is typical David. This guy is a paranoid megalomaniac; I’d like to see a modern psychiatric assessment of him based on the info in the bible. The first verse “O Lord, rescue me from evil people.” lets us know what this psalm is going to be about. More ranting – do I really need to read it all? Probably not, but I did anyway, and it’s exactly what I expected. Read v 10 for more creative ways that David imagines god should punish his enemies.


This is a slight variation on #140. Instead of just pleading with god to fix things for him, in this psalm David asks for help with self-control (v 3-5). Then he continues with his usual rant against the ungodly. I find this so typical of believers; they expect god to fight their battles, and even when they achieve success/progress on their own, they give god credit.


Typical of David zzzzzz


Same old, same old


Yahweh “trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle” (v 1). Well isn’t that just nice! The words in v 2 (“my rock, my fortress, my shield, etc) are very familiar, but I can’t place them and couldn’t find them used in song or hymn lyrics. However, they are very similar to Psalm 18:2. David has written so many psalms he’s repeating himself. The reflections on life from v 3-4 sound like something from Shakespeare, but I’m no English scholar, so don’t quote me on that. And v 11 “deliver me from the hand of strange children” (KJV) – WTF? (I notice that the reference to kids has been removed from modern translations.)


This one is another acrostic. It’s supposed to be the inspiration for the hymn Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee. It’s a pretty syrupy poem; wouldn’t it be great if even a small portion of its claims were true! If you only know the traditional version of this hymn (by Beethoven), then compare it to this pop rendition by Christian music icon Michael W. Smith.

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