Exodus 7-9

plagues of egypt

Chapter 7

We arrive at the plagues of Egypt. But let’s look at them from the lighter side. They are completely absurd and contradictory. In v 19 Moses turns all the water in Egypt to blood, even the water in pots and basins. But then verse 22 says that the magicians were able to duplicate that trick. How? There would have been no water left anywhere for them to use.

Chapter 8

The second plague (v 2-6) is frogs. Everywhere. But verse 7 says the magicians duplicated that, too. How would anyone know? There were already frogs everywhere.

Chapter 9

Moving right along, in 9:2-3 all the Egyptian’s livestock are destroyed. But verse 10 says boils broke out on “people and animals alike”, and in verse 20, all the livestock are brought in from the fields to protect them from the hail. Fire the continuity guy…

Yahweh is seen here as a sadistic megalomaniac, manipulating Pharaoh’s decisions while inflicting horrors on the people just to show off his powers (v 16)

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