Day 21

Exodus 10-12

Chapter 10

Pharaoh sends a plague of locusts just so he can boast about it. Is this a game to him? And the plague of darkness in Egypt while normal daylight continues in Israel (v 22), gives this story away as a tall tale written by someone with no knowledge of modern astronomy.

Chapter 11

Edward’s book is a hoot! I’m totally stealing his footnote to Exodus 11 for this comment.

So here’s a death tally for those of you playing at home. All the livestock were killed in the fifth plague. Those dead animals were then afflicted with boils in the sixth plague and killed again by hail in the seventh plague. Finally, the twice-killed first-born animals are killed for a third time in the tenth plague.

Chapter 12

exodus 12I’m puzzled about Exodus 12. I learned as a child that the reason for the unleavened bread was because the Israelites had to leave Egypt in hurry without waiting for the bread to rise. And indeed, that’s what verse 34 suggests. But why, then, do the instructions for eating unleavened bread precede this? They are clearly stated in verses 15 and 18. And don’t even get me started on god as a baby-killer… I think we’ve already established that he’s cruel and sadistic.

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