Day 213

Isaiah 18-22

Chapter 18

Now the threats turn towards the people of Ethiopia. I guess Yahweh’s got it in for everyone who isn’t among his chosen. Just more of the same ranting here… I wonder who will be next?

Chapter 19

And it’s Egypt! God will turn the people against each other and destroy the land. We’ve heard this stuff before. But you gotta love that merciful, benevolent god who in v 14, confuses the minds of the officials so that their advice will be wrong, and causes Egypt to “stagger like a drunk on his vomit”. He will make the Egyptians “as weak as women” (v 16). Then there’s a bunch of prophesy that never happened – in v 17 Israel will terrorize Egypt (they have never invaded or been at war with Egypt); in v 18 cities in Egypt will speak the language of Canaan (they never did and that language is now extinct); in v 19-22 Egyptians will worship Yahweh (Judaism has never gained a foothold in Egypt); in v 23-24 there will be an alliance between Egypt, Israel, and Assyria (there never has been, and Assyria no longer exists). And anyway, why would Yahweh include countries that he has just vowed to destroy in an alliance with his ‘chosen’? That doesn’t even make sense!

Isaiah nakedChapter 20

Isaiah walks around barefoot and naked for 3 years as a ‘sign’ from Yahweh to the people of Egypt and Ethiopia, warning them of the troubles he will rain upon them. I would not have thought I could find a Christian meme about this, but I couldn’t resist looking, and what do you know? I swear, you can find apologists who will support anything if it’s in the bible!

Chapter 21

More warnings about the destruction of Babylon (didn’t we read that already inchapter13?), Edom, and Arabia. Zzzzz

Chapter 22

V 1-11 describe the devastation of Jerusalem, just as god planned it (v 11). Sick bastard. Yahweh’s pissed off at the people because when he told them to show sorrow and remorse (for what, who knows), they instead feasted and sang “let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.” (v 12-13) (This phrase will reappear in 1 Corinthians 15:32.) God vows never to forgive the people for defying and mocking him (v 14). eat drinkI thought he was supposed to be all-forgiving? And lastly, god turns his anger on the palace administrator, vowing to turf him from office. Doesn’t say why.

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