Day 226

Jeremiah 7-9

jeremiah 7Chapter 7

God addresses the people, calling them hypocrites for committing all kinds of sins and then thinking that they can win his favor just by showing up at temple (v 3-11). Seems like something a lot of church and temple-goers should be reminded of today. But after that the chapter turns ugly as usual, with god telling Jeremiah to stop worrying about the people because they are beyond hope. He starts on his usual rant. How about line? “When I led your ancestors out of Egypt, it was not burnt offerings and sacrifices I wanted from them.” (v 22) Seriously??? And the rest *…*.

Chapter 8

This is horrible, but read it just to get an idea of how graphic the imagery is – can you imagine a child reading it? The enemy will break open graves and spread out the bones, and the survivors will wish they were dead. (and that’s just v 1-3; keep reading…) V 7 is apparently one of the earliest references to bird migration, according the SAB. Cockatrices are back in v 17 but they are always removed from modern translations; I guess contemporary apologists want to eliminate the most laughable passages from the bible.

Chapter 9

Jeremiah claims to weep for all the people who don’t listen to the warnings. He sounds like a self-righteous prig – or a delusional nitwit who’s hearing voices and thinks he’s talking to god. The rest of the chapter is just – you know – *…*. Getting so tired of this, but can’t keep repeating the same comment over and over. The only thing that changes slightly with each chapter is the exact methods of Yahweh’s revenge. What type of cruelty will he come up with next?

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