Day 243

Ezekiel 5-8

Chapter 5

The metaphors get ridiculous here. God tells Ezekiel to shave his hair with a sharp sword and divide it into thirds. Burn 1/3 in Jerusalem, chop 1/3 with a sword, and scatter the remaining 1/3 to the winds. This represents the fate of the Jews – 1/3 will die in the city, 1/3 will die in battle, the remaining 1/3 will scatter (v 12). There follows the usual rant about how evil the people are and how god will punish them, etc etc etc. The most vile verses are probably 9-10, but then again, maybe 16-17 are worse.

Chapter 6

Rant, rant… evil people…rant rant… idols, destruction… rant rant… detestable… disease… famine… yeah, we get it. (The author of Ezekiel must have read Jeremiah.)

Chapter 7

“The end is here! Wherever you look … your land is finished. No hope remains, for I will unleash my anger against you… I will turn my eyes away and show no pity. I will repay you for all your detestable sins…” (v 2-4). You tell ’em, Yahweh! Read the whole chapter for more of this exciting monologue from this loving, merciful god… Warning – NSFW.

Mad-Hatter-teaChapter 8

Zeke has another vision. The vision reached out a hand, lifted him up by the hair, and transported him to Jerusalem. The vision (‘god’) commands Zeke to dig a hole in the wall around the Temple courtyard (v 7-8). And what do you suppose Zeke finds when he looks through the hidden doorway in the hole? Why, the Mad Hatter, of course! Oops, no – wrong fantasy novel. Zeke finds walls covered with engravings of all kinds of crawling animals and detestable creatures, and people committing the unforgivable sin of worshiping idols or the sun.

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