Day 249

Ezekiel 23-24

biblical moralityChapter 23

The SAB has 8 icons for this chapter out of a possible 16 – Language, Sex, Family Values, Treatment of Women, Cruelty and Violence, Injustice, Absurdities, and Contradictions. I don`t know if that`s a record or if there is another chapter that rates more, but it provides a clue right up front that this a humdinger.

It tells the story of Yahweh and his 2 wives – sort of like chapter 16 except more lewd and explicit. Especially v 20. So…. I guess polygamy is OK then, if it`s OK for god. I guess it`s OK to treat your wife like property, since it`s OK for god. I guess it`s OK to punish your wife if she misbehaves (after all, you own her), if it`s OK for god. I guess it`s OK to punish a woman who commits `lewdness` and adultery by cutting off her nose and ears, taking away her children, stripping her clothes, burning her belongings, and stoning her or killing her with swords, since it`s OK for god. I`m so glad we have the bible to teach us morality.


ezekiel 23

Chapter 24

Cooking with Yahweh – no thanks! I don’t think I want to eat what’s in that pot. V 1-14 are all about burning away the filthy scum of lewdness and idolatry from Jerusalem. But if you think that’s bad, god’s next move is to kill Zeke’s wife and forbid him to mourn her passing. He does this to set an example, so that when he kills the children of Judah, their parents will know that they are not allowed to mourn, either (v 15-24).

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