Day 251

Ezekiel 28-30

Chapter 28

Now we learn the reason that Yahweh has it in for Tyre – its commercial success as a major trading port has made it haughty and proud, so he needs to bring it down. Heaven forbid that anyone should be stronger or more successful than power-hungry Yahweh! Success in business makes god angry – maybe someone should tell the Republicans.

After he’s done with Tyre, god picks on Sidon (another city in Lebanon, about 40 km north of Tyre and 40 km south of Beirut). And then lastly, there’s prophesy of peace for Israel (v 24-26). Make sure to read this, because verses like this one are the reason for the continued conflict in the Middle East. People who take this literally are going to feel entitled to that land and fight for it no matter what.

Ezekiel 29

Yahweh turns his vile threats towards Egypt. He vows to destroy it, and prophesies that it will be uninhabited (or uninhabitable) for 40 years afterward (v 10-12). Another erroneous prophesy – Yahweh doesn’t have a very good track record. And why is Yahweh intent on destroying Egypt? So that Israel will not be tempted to call on Egypt for help – then the Israelites will be forced to rely on Yahweh and know that he is in charge (v 16). It always comes down to power and ego with Yahweh.

Chapter 30

All the world will for certain know that Yahweh is in charge after he has destroyed Egypt and all her allies. He’s using Nebuchadnezzar as his front man. If god is so powerful, why does need to send a human army? Why not just do the dirty deed himself?

In v 12 he vows to make the rivers dry. The KJV doesn’t name any rivers, and neither does my Hebrew-English translation. But most modern versions name the Nile. A quick look at a map or at Wikipedia make the reason obvious – what else is there? “There is only one year-round river in Egypt, the Nile. It has no non-seasonal tributaries for its entire length in Egypt, though it has two further upstream, the Blue Nile and White Nile, which merge in central Sudan.” (Wiki) Anyway, it has never run dry. Another failed prophesy. The rest of the chapter is just the gory details of god’s promised reign of terror. You know the drill… the highlight this time is that he breaks both of the arms of the Pharaoh. That’s a new one.

egypt rivers

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