Day 286

Matthew 9-10

Chapter 9

We get repeats of the stories of the paralyzed man, the dinner with the ‘disreputable sinners’, the lecture about wineskins, the bleeding woman, and Jairus’ daughter from Mark 2, but all have some details altered or embellished. For example, in Mark the girl was only ill; in Matthew, Jesus brings her back from the dead. At v 27 we have another story about restoring sight to the blind; likely a retelling of Mark 8:22, but possibly Mark 10:46. However, note that in Matthew there is no ‘jiggery-pokey’; Jesus’ healing methods become more refined. He doesn’t spit in people’s eyes anymore; only touches them. And you won’t find him using ‘magic words’ in Matthew, either.

Chapter 10

Jesus sends out his 12 disciples to preach – and just exactly who were these guys? That’s a little unclear – refer to the chart. Seems god couldn’t keep the names quite straight.


Anyway, off they go, with some interesting instructions: Only go to Jewish homes – don’t worry about the rest of the riff-raff (v 5). (What’s that sappy song kids are taught in Sunday school about Jesus loving everybody – guess the composer didn’t read this chapter….)

If people prove to be unworthy, take back your blessing (v 13). Expect to be persecuted (v 16), and hated (v 21) and for families to be broken up because of Jesus’ message (finally, an accurate prophesy). V 34-38 are special all unto themselves. The quote in v 35 is Micah 7:6. Yup, that’s special, all right. Jesus set the tone for family values with these lines.

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