Day 29

Exodus 33-35

Chapter 33

This is what I thought of when I read about Moses talking to god in chapter 33.


The Wizard of Oz

Chapter 34

In ch 34 we get a second version of the Ten Commandments (there will be yet another in Deuteronomy). This one is very different from the first – in fact, unless you’re already quite familiar with the bible, you’ve probably never heard of most of these. And it’s crueler. #10 (about cooking a goat in its mother’s milk) is the basis of the Jewish dietary law prohibiting the mixing of milk and meat dishes at meals. Orthodox Jews still observe this, and take it to such an extreme that they often keep two complete sets of dishes, one for dairy meals and the other for meat, as if to prevent ‘contamination’, even after dishes are washed.

While Moses is up on the mountain, he has nothing to eat or drink for 40 days (34:28). It’s common knowledge to most of us these days, that people cannot survive that long without water. Maybe two weeks max – so either this is a tall tale, or Moses lied. You decide.

Chapter 35

This chapter describes all the wonderful generous offerings of precious materials, talents, and labor that the Israelites donated to construct and furnish the Tabernacle. The forerunner of the modern-day mega-church, with the religious leaders benefiting off the backs of the common people. What are they getting out of it? Think about that…

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