Leviticus 1-4

sweet savorFrom the SAB: “the entire first nine chapters of Leviticus can be summarized as follows: Get an animal, kill it, sprinkle the blood around, cut the dead animal into pieces, and burn it for a sweet savor unto the Lord.” But don’t cheat – read it all anyway. Then you’ll be able to say you’ll really know what’s in there, and that’s the whole point of this exercise, isn’t it?

So far I have counted the phrase ‘a pleasing aroma to the Lord” 7 times in Leviticus 1-4 and twice back in Exodus. God sure “loves the smell of burning fat”, as Edward Falzon put it. But what’s up with the fascination with guts? It’s not enough to just slaughter an animal and burn it as a sacrifice (a huge waste good food, not to mention needless cruelty and waste of life); the detailed instructions for dealing with entrails are disgusting.

Chapter 3:17 says you must never eat any fat or blood. I knew about the blood thing – kosher slaughter and food preparation require all blood to be rinsed away before cooking. I think this is also the passage JW’s use to prohibit blood transfusions. But fat? Never heard of that one. Another question – how in tarnation could anyone consider these rituals even remotely relevant today?

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