Day 35

Leviticus 11-13

Chapter 11

Here we go with the food rules.

god hates shrimp

And the science is REALLY bad (insects and birds have 4 legs etc). The KJV is the only one of the translations I read that mentions snails (v 30); the NLT and the NIV do not. A footnote at the end of the chapter in the NLT says ‘The precise identification of some of the birds, insects and animals in this chapter is uncertain.’ So I checked the direct-from-Hebrew translation, and it reads “and the gecko, and the land-crocodile, and the lizard, and the sand-lizard, and the chameleon.” No snail there either. Check all the lists of critters if you’re curious; they do vary from one version to another.

Chapter 12

This whole chapter is devoted to describing how women are dirty and sinful after childbirth and what they must do to ‘purify themselves’. Note that the time of uncleanliness is longer if she gives birth to a girl…

Chapter 13

leprosyNow there’s a whole chapter devoted to leprosy. I’m starting to feel queasy and want to scratch, just from reading this. Ewwwww.

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