Revelation 15-16

Chapter 15

We’re heading towards the culmination of the terror now (how could it get any worse?). Seven angels are holding the seven last plagues, which is supposed to be the last of god’s wrath. Let’s hope so! All the lucky ‘eternal life’ lottery winners are standing on a glass sea mixed with fire, playing harps, and singing a song of praise made up of a mish-mash of verses taken from Psalm 111:2-3; Deut. 32:4; Jer 10:7; and Psalms 86:9 and 98:2.

revelation 15-2

revelation-15-7The temple door opens and the angels, dressed in white with gold sashes, step out. So this is obviously where we get our ideas about heaven, with angels in white, harps, etc. (I haven’t seen a halo mentioned yet, though.) But these aren’t nice angels. The 4 beasts hand them each a bowl filled with the wrath of god, which they will pour out onto the earth (the Third Woe – coming right up in chapter 16).


Chapter 16

The seven bowls of wrath are poured onto earth by the angels.

Revelation 16 bowls

This is the Third Woe. It’s gonna be ugly.

1. A plague of festering pustules breaks out on everyone who wears the mark of the beast.
2. The sea turns to blood and everything in it dies.
3. The fresh water (rivers) turn to blood so that the sinners will have nothing but blood to drink. The angel figures it’s just punishment for any bloodshed caused to god’s holy people.
4. The sun becomes scorching hot and burns everyone; but still the sinners don’t repent and worship god.
5. The fifth bowl is poured upon the throne of the beast, and his kingdom is plunged into darkness. But although the people curse, they do not repent and turn to god.
6. The stage is set in motion for the final battle between Good and Evil. The Euphrates dries up, so that kings can cross it with their armies. Then 3 evil spirits, shaped like frogs, leap from the mouths of the beast, the dragon, and the false prophet. They gather the rulers of the world for battle against the lord on Judgement Day, in a place called Armageddon. I looked this up, and apparently some Christians interpret Armageddon as a literal place, while others view it as symbolic.
7. The Big Finish! A storm – it’s always a storm, isn’t it??? Someone yells from the temple ‘It is finished!’, and then a storm with hailstones as big as 75 pounds, as well as an earthquake that felled many cities, splits Babylon into 3 sections, swallows up islands, and levels mountains. All because god hates Babylon. A 75 pound hailstone? Not likely. The world’s largest hailstones ever recorded measure around 6-8 inches in diameter and weigh a couple of pounds.

revelation 16

Now, just for fun, compare these to the plague of Egypt from Exodus chapters 7-11.

1. Water into blood
2. Frogs
3. Lice (or gnats)
4. Flies
5. Diseased livestock
6. Festering boils
7. Hail and thunderstorms
8. Locusts
9. Darkness
10. Death of the firstborn

John wasn’t very creative. Just sayin’.

I found a bat-shit crazy website just to prove how seriously some people take this sci-fi nonsense.

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