Day 47

Numbers 11-13

Chapter 11

God punishes people for complaining by burning them. And then manna and quail reappear, similar to the story in Exodus 16. Interesting side-note in the SAB about the quail. “Common Quail (Cotumix cotumix) migrate twice a year between Africa and Eurasia, and occasional storm-induced “fallout” could make quail appear to rain from the sky.”

Chapter 12

Miriam and Aaron both complain but only Miriam is punished. Hmmmm.

Chapter 13

God tells Moses to send out scouts to check out Canaan. Why did he need to do that? Couldn’t an omniscient god have just told Moses what the land and people were like?

Number 13:23

Number 13:23








The Hebrew-English translation of verse 33 reads “And there we saw the Nephilim, …”. but some English versions refer to them as ‘giants’. There’s lots of background info on the Nephilim in Wikipedia if you want to head down that rabbit trail. They were either 100 metres tall, or the story in Numbers was an exaggeration – take your pick. Apparently they are only mentioned in the bible twice – once, as we read in Genesis 6, just before the flood, and then here in Numbers. Which begs the question – didn’t they all drown in the flood?

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