Day 49

Numbers 16-17

Chapter 16

The body count continues to mount, and god becomes more sadistic and megalomaniacal. The clear message here is blind unquestioning obedience to the priest. I often wonder how believers can possibly justify or defend stories like this. Well the answer is in some of the comments to this blog post.

num16-v35-fireBut that notwithstanding, some of the events in this chapter are pretty far-fetched. Verses 31-35 – some sort of earthquake maybe? And v 47 – some kind of fast-acting plague that could be quelled by incense? Abracadabra? Like something right out of Harry Potter….





Chapter 17

This is one of the stupidest stories I’ve ever heard. And again I have to give credit to Edward Falzon for his sardonic assessment of the situation:

So to sum up for you, giving leprosy to Moses’ sister, combusting 250 rebels led by Moses’ cousin, and wiping out some 15,000 unarmed Hebrews with insta-plague was NOT enough to convince everyone that Moses, Aaron, and the Levites were the important ones, but growing flowers on a piece of wood will do it for sure.

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