Numbers 23-25

Chapter 23

unicornIn verse 22 we have a unicorn again – but only in the KJV. The Hebrew-English translation and the more modern translations mention a wild ox. But according to Answers in Genesis, the unicorn was a real animal.

In verse 24, why would the Israelites want to drink the blood of their enemies? Isn’t drinking blood forbidden?

Chapter 24

Who the heck is King Agag in v 7? Oh yeah, that’s right, he didn’t exist until the time of King Saul….. unless there were two Kings name Agag – sure, that’s a good way to explain it, right?

Chapter 25

In chapter 25, god kills 24,000 people for committing ‘whoredom’ with the daughters of Moab, and engaging in their religious rituals. Edward Falzon cleverly comments on that – “the bible doesn’t provide any details about the terrible pagan rituals. I bet it was ridiculous stuff like barbequing animal entrails….. and dipping birds into the blood of other birds in sick, satanic attempts to cure skin diseases. Weirdoes.
drunk with blood

But then god calls off the plague because of Phineas’ zealous attack on an inter-faith couple. (Can’t allow that!) The death toll of God’s killings, if anyone is keeping track, is 31,435,181 at the end of Numbers 25 (Steve Wells of the SAB keeps track; and that’s the basis of his second book – Drunk with Blood: God’s Killings in the Bible).

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