Day 67

Deuteronomy 27-28

Chapter 27

Moses outlines blessings and curses to the Israelites. How come the 10 Commandments get so much more attention than the 12 Curses in Deuteronomy 27??? They actually make way more sense (by comparison).

Chapter 28

deuteronomy_28_53Here’s a list of the blessings for obedience to god and the curses for disobedience – I’m sure neither Stephen King nor the cruelest mafia enforcer couldn’t think some of this stuff up! The SAB shows 8 separate icons for verses 15-68: injustice; cruelty and violence; intolerance; absurdity; misogyny; sex; “family values”; and language warning. If this is what a loving God would do to us, well … God help us. Read it for yourself and see.



But a very interesting point was made in the video below, around the 21 minute mark, about chapter 28. The whole video is an interview with Steve Wells, who wrote the Skeptics’ Annotated Bible. He was asked which book of the bible is the worst, and he mentioned Deuteronomy 28 as a contender, then added that, as bad as it is, it does not mention the concept of hell or any kind of eternal life or afterlife. All of the horrors mentioned in ch 28 are earthly horrors. And I realized that that’s true – in fact, has hell or an afterlife been mentioned in the bible at all, up to this point? I don’t think so. It seems that hell and an afterlife must come later….

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