Joshua 1-4

So now finally the Israelites are going to proceed across the Jordan River and claim the Promised Land.

Chapter 1

joshua 1Joshua 1:9 was used to inspire US troops during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Funny how every warrior believes god is on their side. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Chapter 2

A prostitute named Rahab lies about hiding Joshua’s spies in her home. In return, they promise to protect her and her family when the city is conquered, and instruct her to remain in her home during the siege. But verse 15 tells us that her home is built ON TOP of the town wall. Since most of us are probably familiar with the song about the battle of Jericho (“…and the walls came tumbling down”), how is this gonna work for her?… And if she does survive, then is she being rewarded for lying?

Chapter 3

conquest of canaanThis is just a reprise of the parting of the water. Only this time it’s the Jordan River that parts, instead of the Red Sea, so that the priests can cross carrying the Ark of the Covenant without getting it wet. Sure has the sound of a tall tale, likely conjured up to highlight this ‘rite of passage’.

Chapter 4

As for the 12 stones place at Gilgal in chapter v 20, a google search suggests that there are still apologists attempting to find or recreate the spot.

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