Joshua 9-11

Chapter 9

In the NLT, chapter 9 is titled “The Gibeonites Deceive Israel”, which just goes to show how skewed history is, with favor given to those writing it. I think a more apt title would be “Gibeonites use their brains to save their own butts”. And Joshua comes across as an idiot, asking them why they lied to him. Well duh, because they didn’t want to be murdered. You might find maps of Joshua’s killing sprees helpful in the next couple of chapters.

Chapter 10

Southern_CampaignThis chapter is a complete bloodbath. Nauseating. As in ‘insert gratuitous violence warning here’. The Israelites go on a killing spree over the whole southern county, and god helps them along by adding to the killing with a vicious hailstorm.

Then he stops the sun in the sky to prolong the day so that they can add even more killings to their brag list. I’m not even rooting for Israel any more – I want them to lose. Give some of the folk in these small towns a chance, already! But apologists are all over how god stopped the sun for them, and are still trying to prove it.


sun stand still

Chapter 11

joshua11-12mapIn Joshua 11 the killing spree continues with the tribes of the northern hill country as the victims this time. Capturing the land and wiping out the inhabitants is not enough for this bloodthirsty god; he commands Joshua to “cripple their horses and burn their chariots”. And they’re still not done – for the grand finale they burn the city (v11). And here comes the sense of entitlement again – god “gave [the land] to the people of Israel as their special possession, dividing the land among the tribes” (v 23).

You can’t imagine the violence in these 2 chapters unless you actually read them for yourself, so make sure you do. Don’t just take my word for it.

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