Joshua 12-15

Chapter 12

divinsion_of_canaanIn case you care, Joshua 12 has the complete list of all the 31 kings and tribes that the Israelites massacred under Joshua, and a description of the territories that were conquered. So you might think that they’re done! But no…… chapter 13 starts with a list of the lands and peoples yet to be taken. When will this power-hungry god be satisfied?

Chapter 13

Nevertheless, Joshua is getting old, and the people are battle weary, so they lay down their arms for a while and start parceling out the land. Chapters 13-19 are nothing but a list of property assignments. Skim through them and then save yourself a bunch of time by referring to the map.

Chapter 14

The tribes received their properties by “sacred lot” – WTF, they just rolled dice? Is gambling OK when god does it? Or is there some divine procedure not described here? But then Joshua’s old buddy Caleb (remember him?) shows up and requests the Hebron for his tribe, saying that Moses had promised it to him 40 years before. And Joshua doesn’t argue, just gives it to him.

Chapter 15

This is mostly more of the same. But in v 15-19, Caleb offers his daughter as a prize to whoever captures a certain town. Caleb’s nephew wins the prize, and so marries his first cousin. But the daughter gets the last word here – she demands land with springs of water running in it, and Caleb grants her request. The rest of the chapter – v 20-61 – lists all the dozens of towns allocated to the tribe of Judah. But at the end there is a surprise – v 62 says that “the tribe of Judah could not drive out the Jebusites, who lived in the city of Jerusalem, so the Jebusites live there among the people of Judah to this day.” (NLT) So much for Yahweh’s promise that he would drive out all the inhabitants of the lands they pass through. Epic fail!

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