Joshua 16-18

Chapter 16

This is a complete snoozefest, except that I see another fail at the end – god didn’t succeed in driving the natives out of Gezer, either.

Chapter 17

The 5 daughters of Zelophehad show up again, wanting their inheritance. (Remember them from Numbers 27?) So Joshua grants them a parcel of land too; but remember they were required to marry within their own tribe so that the land will remain part of Manasseh (Numbers 36). I guess they must have, because this is the last mention of them in the bible. Then there’s further evidence of god’s failure – the Israelites couldn’t conquer the Canaanites in the lowlands, because they had iron chariots. This is the first mention of the iron chariots (v16), which proved to be too strong for god to overcome. The counter-apologetics web site, Iron Chariots Wiki, took its name from them. (The site is no longer active.)


Chapter 18

…snore….. more land titles. Have you caught that occasionally in these chapters, there are references to giants? Verse 16 mentions the ‘land of the giants’. Guess they’re not all extinct yet.

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