Joshua 19-21

Joshua 19

Well, skim through it just so you can say you did. How many people would even know that this mind-boggling monotonous stuff is in here? Now you do. And at the end, note that Joshua gets his very own town, because god said he could have any town he wanted. (v 50) So there!

Chapter 20

MapCitiesRefugeThis chapter is just about designating the Cities of Refuge as previously discussed. An interesting concept – but is it fair? If people are guilty, they shouldn’t be allowed to hide out and escape justice; if they killed accidentally, then they are innocent of malicious intent, and should be allowed to go free. The city of refuge seems like a sort of purgatory to me.

Chapter 21

This concludes the divvying up of lands, by granting towns and pasture lands for the Levites within the lands of the other tribes. Remember, the Levites don’t need much, because they are the priests, and they get the best of the offerings from the other tribes, anyway. But how about those last 3 verses (43-45)? God did NOT fulfill all of his promises, and the Israelites had NOT conquered all of their enemies. Did the author figure ‘close enough’? Wishfully think that they’d get the rest? Just ignore the failures and hope we wouldn’t notice?


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