Day 79

Judges 6-7

Chapter 6

Israel is starving at the hands of the Midianites, who were “as thick as locusts; they arrived on droves of camels too numerous to count” (v 5). (Interesting how that’s possible, since just a couple of hundred years before, in Numbers 31:7, the Israelites had slain all the Midianite males.) Anyway, they call god for help, so here comes the next judge. Gideon is just a farm boy, and he’s a skeptic! (v 13-17). To prove himself real, the angel has to perform some magic tricks… er, miracles. Then the angel instructs Gideon to trash his neighbors’ place of worship. After Gideon does so, a verbal pissing contest takes place among the townspeople regarding whose god is the real one. Then Gideon demands more proof (magic tricks) before finally assembling an army.

Chapter 7

This chapter starts with another ego-massage for Yahweh – he can’t allow too many warriors, or they might take credit for a victory, instead of attributing their success to god. (God wants credit for all his killings.) So most of the amassed army is sent home (v 2-7), leaving only 300 men (carefully chosen in by a scientific method – NOT) to fight the Midianites. God persuades Gideon via a dream that 300 men is enough (v 13-14). Seriously, any general today who chose an army based on how they drank water, and then based his chances of victory on a dream about barleycakes, would be locked up! Anyway, Gideon’s army blows rams’ horns (really!), which causes the Midianites to panic and flee; their captains are beheaded, and the heads presented to Gideon (as trophies? proof of death?) If there is a god, he’ll have to forgive me for laughing at this chapter….. but the apologists aren’t laughing; below is their sanitized story of Gideon.





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