Genesis 25-26

Chapter 25

jacob esauMore family values as Abraham favors Isaac over all his other children in 25:1, and Isaac favors Esau over Jacob in 25:28. Like father, like son, I guess. The story about Esau being excessively hairy has always bothered me. There are medical conditions that can cause that. Hypertrichosis (werewolf syndrome) can be congenital (present at birth) and is caused by a genetic mutation. Poor kid – there’s no sympathy for him in this book. hypertrichosis






Chapter 26

I note in v 12-14 that when someone is blessed, god gives them lots of slaves. I wonder why that doesn’t happen anymore? And the Philistines envied Isaac because of all his flocks and slaves – is that supposed to be a good thing? Because I’m pretty sure the Ten Commandments (coming up in Exodus) are going to tell us that ‘coveting’ is a sin…

This video includes events from Genesis 25-30.

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