2 Chronicles

This book focuses mostly on Solomon. We learn that the Biblical value for pi is three, and that Asa died because when he was ill, he did not seek the Lord’s help but turned only to his physicians. God’s killings and punishments continue right up to the end of the book.

Next up are Ezra and Nehemiah, which were originally combined, but became separated in the first centuries of Christianity. Together, they represent the final chapters in the historical narrative of the Hebrew Bible (Alleluia!)


The Exile

Ezra is divided into two parts. The first tells the story of the return of exiles in 538 BC, and the completion and dedication of the new Temple in Jerusalem in 515 BC; the second tells of the mission of Ezra to Jerusalem and his struggle to purify the Jews from the sin of inter-marriage with non-Jews.


Nehemiah, a Jew who is a high official at the Persian court, tells the story of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, and the dedication of the city and its people to God’s laws.


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