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August 2018 Newsletter (7/31/2018) - Upcoming HAAM Events  Look for our members at these summer festivals in August.   Make sure to stop by the Outreach booth and say Hi!      Stonewall Outreach  August 17th to 19th, Stonewall Manitoba  HAAM begins a new Outreach this August at Stonewall Quarry Days. Come visit us in our booth at Stonewall Quarry Days […]
July 2018 Newsletter (6/30/2018) - Upcoming HAAM Events We’re taking July off, but we’ll be busy with Outreach in August, and we’re already planning for fall. Mark these dates on your calendars now! August 17th to 19th we’ll be setting up our booth at Stonewall Quarry Days for the first time this year. August 24th to 26th we’ll be back […]
June 2018 Newsletter (5/29/2018) - Upcoming HAAM Events  Summer in the City Outreach  Friday, June 15th to Sunday June 17th, Steinbach MB  Our annual Outreach at the Summer in the City Festival. Drop in and say Hi! Details here. Summer Solstice Party  Saturday, June 23rd, Kildonan Park, 5:00 – 9:00 PM  New location! Everyone is welcome! Details here. Save the Dates  […]
May 2018 Newsletter (4/30/2018) - Upcoming HAAM Events  Stealing Reason: Christianity’s Theft of Human Values  Saturday, May 12th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 5:30 – 8:30 PM  Our own Pat Morrow will talk about Christian apologetic claims regarding the scientific revolution and slavery. His presentation will demonstrate that progress is not due to any gods, but rather to human effort.  Details […]
April 2018 Newsletter (3/27/2018) - Upcoming HAAM Events  Pre-Dillahunty Drinks  Sunday, April 8th, King’s Head Pub, 120 King Street, 6 PM  Will you be attending Matt Dillahunty’s Magic and Skepticism show that evening? (details for that are on our ‘Community Events’ page).  If so, meet us for drinks first! Details here. Monthly Meeting – What’s Wrong with Private Schools?  Saturday, […]
March 2018 Newsletter (2/25/2018) - Upcoming HAAM Events Monthly Meeting – Film Fest: Shorts Night Saturday, March 10th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 5:30 – 8:30 PM We’ll be sharing a series of short videos on a variety of topics. Suitable for pre-teens and up. Click here for details.   HAAM and Eggs Brunch Sunday, March 18th, Stella’s on Pembina, 1463 […]
February 2018 Newsletter (1/29/2018) - Upcoming HAAM Events Monthly Meeting – Animal Attraction  Saturday, February 10th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 5:30 – 8:30 PM  February 12th is International Darwin Day, so we focus on science and nature at our February meetings.   This year’s meeting will be about sex. Click here for details and more information.   HAAM and Eggs Brunch  […]
January 2018 Newsletter (1/1/2018) - Upcoming HAAM Events How to be an Ethical Omnivore and our Annual General Meeting Saturday, January 13th, Canad Inns Polo Park We’ll be learning about animal welfare and ethics, sustainable agricultural practices, and environmentally friendly food choices. Full meeting description and scheduled times for the speaker and the AGM are in the event post. HAAM […]
December 2017 Newsletter (11/26/2017) - Upcoming HAAM Events Winter Solstice Party December 23rd at the Belgian Club, 407 Provencher Blvd, 5:30 PM Please bring an item for the potluck supper. Optional – bring your favorite board game. More details here. See complete event listings and details for all upcoming HAAM events on our Events page. Charity of the Month – […]
November 2017 Newsletter (11/1/2017) - Upcoming HAAM Events Details and complete listings for all our upcoming HAAM events are on the Events page. Bowling Extravaganza Monday, November 13th, Chateau Bowling Lanes, 1145 Nairn Avenue, 7 PM Details here.   Monthly Meeting – Is there a Right to be an A**hole? John Stuart Mill and the Limits of Expressive Liberty Saturday, […]
October 2017 Newsletter (10/4/2017) - Upcoming HAAM Events Details and complete listings for all our upcoming HAAM events are on our Events page. Monthly Meeting – Finding Humanist Thought in Indigenous Beliefs Saturday, October 14th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St Matthews Avenue, 5:30 PM Details here. In the spirit of the season, we’re going to decorate the room up […]
September 2017 Newsletter (9/5/2017) - September HAAM Events Monthly Meeting – A History of Atheism in Canada Saturday September 9th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St Matthews Ave, 5:30 PM Complete event listings and details for all this and all upcoming HAAM events are on our Events page.     You can find past events by using the ‘Search this […]
August 2017 Newsletter (7/28/2017) - Upcoming HAAM Events See our Events page for the details on these and all our HAAM events. An Evening with Richard Carrier Did Christianity really begin without a Jesus? Saturday August 19th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St Matthews Ave, 7 – 9 PM Note that space is limited! Click here to register in advance. […]
July 2017 Newsletter (6/28/2017) - Upcoming HAAM Events Summer Barbecue Saturday, July 22nd, Assiniboine Park, 6:30 PM (Note the time)     An Evening with Richard Carrier Saturday August 19th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 7 PM         Camping Weekend Date TBA, Birds Hill Park   And don’t forget about our Outreach at the Morden Corn and Apple Festival August […]
June 2017 Newsletter (5/30/2017) - June HAAM Events HAAM and Eggs Breakfast Sunday, June 4th, Smitty’s Restaurant, 580 Pembina Hwy (at Grant), 8:30 AM. Note the change of time.   Outreach at the Summer in the City Festival Friday June 16th to Sunday June 18th, Steinbach, Manitoba.     Summer Solstice Party and BBQ Saturday, June 24th, 5:30 PM, Assiniboine […]
May 2017 Newsletter (5/2/2017) - Upcoming HAAM Events Solar Energy 101 Saturday, May 13th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St Matthews Ave, 5:30 PM     Introduction to Outreach Thursday May 25th, Sir William Stephenson Library, 765 Keewatin St, 6:30 – 8:30 PM     HAAM and Eggs Brunch Sunday, June 4th, Smitty’s Restaurant, 580 Pembina Hwy (at Grant), 9:30 […]
April 2017 Newsletter (3/30/2017) - Upcoming HAAM Events Dying and Rising Gods Before Jesus Saturday, April 8th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St Matthews Avenue, 5:30 – 8:30 PM.     HAAM and Eggs Brunch Saturday, April 29th, Perkins Restaurant, 2142 McPhillips St (just south of Garden City Shopping Centre), 9:30 AM   For details on these and more upcoming […]
March 2017 Newsletter (3/6/2017) - Upcoming Events Atheist Comedy Night Saturday, March 11th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 5:30 – 8:30 PM       HAAM and Eggs Brunch Sunday, March 19th, 10:00 AM at the Perkins restaurant in Madison Square (305 Madison at Ness, just west of Polo Park).     2017 Atheist Film Festival Saturday, April 1st, Millennium Library […]
February 2017 Newsletter (2/1/2017) - Upcoming Events The Theory of Evolution in Humanistic Thought Saturday, February 11th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St Matthews Ave, 5:30 – 8:30 PM HAAM and Eggs Brunch Saturday, February 25th, 9:30 AM at the Original Pancake House in the Forks Market. Note the time change – we’re meeting an hour earlier to avoid the […]
January 2017 Newsletter (1/7/2017) - Upcoming Events Are You Recovering from Religion? Saturday, January 14th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St Matthews Ave. We will begin with our meet-and-greet time at 4:30 PM in order to accommodate the AGM at 5:00. Dinner will follow at 6:00, and then our regular meeting and speaker at 6:45. Please join us for the […]
December 2016 Newsletter (12/3/2016) - Upcoming Events Winter Solstice Party Saturday, December 17th, Heritage-Victoria Community Club, 950 Sturgeon Rd, 5:30 pm – 9:30 PM New! We now have a liquor permit for the party. Important details here. And don’t forget to bring money or a food item for the Christmas Cheer Board.   Are You Recovering from Religion? Saturday, January […]
November 2016 Newsletter (11/3/2016) - Upcoming Events The Humanism of Star Trek Saturday, November 19th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St Matthews Avenue, 5:30 – 8:30 PM Secular Parents’ Book Club Meeting Thursday, November 24th, 7 – 9 PM, location TBA Winter Solstice Party Saturday December 17th, Heritage-Victoria Community Club, 950 Sturgeon Road, 5:30 PM For more information on these […]
October 2016 Newsletter (10/31/2016) - Upcoming Events Film Screening: A Better Life Wednesday, October 12th, Millenium Library, 6-9 PM International Outreach: Humanist ‘Missionaries’ in Uganda Saturday, October 15th, Canad Inns Polo Park, 5:30 PM Book Club Meeting – Secular Parenting Wednesday, November 24th, 7 PM, location TBA For more information on these events, check out our Events page or click […]
September 2016 Newsletter (9/9/2016) - In this issue: Report on another successful Outreach Secular group forming in Steinbach Blood drive update Back to school – beware of proselytization and more… September Newsletter
August 2016 Newsletter (8/2/2016) - In this issue: Support the Partners for Life blood donation program Why do people still attend church? Creating strong Humanist communities What happens at a secular wedding (or other celebration)? The god of cancer – does prayer work? and more… August Newsletter
July 2016 Newsletter (7/3/2016) - In this issue: Outreach report from our first Summer in the City Bigotry is a lifestyle choice Commenting on social media? Think twice! Is blasphemy a victimless crime? Stand up for free speech! and more… July newsletter  
June 2016 Newsletter (6/2/2016) - In this issue: Medical aid in dying becomes legal Perspective on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights New Outreach plans Summer reading suggestions and more… June Newsletter  
May 2016 Newsletter (5/7/2016) - In this issue: HAAM shows our Pride as we support the LGBTTQ community and stand up to bullying in Manitoba schools Does summer camp have to mean Bible camp? We look at what’s out there for our kids We’re gearing up for summer Outreach HAAM opposes attempts to reintroduce legislation that could affect access to […]
April 2016 Newsletter (4/7/2016) - In this issue: Our Outreach team discusses stories and hot-button social issues with high school students A new interfaith group springs up in Winnipeg – does it live up to its name? We’ll be considering the health of our local lakes at our next meeting And MORE… April newsletter
March 2016 Newsletter (2/27/2016) - In this issue: How does Humanism differ from Unitarian Universalism? Our U of M Outreach proved a little unusual this year… Can saying the wrong thing land you in jail? and more… March newsletter
February 2016 Newsletter (1/30/2016) - In this issue: A Life Membership Presentation Conversations with Believers Outreach reports Update on medically assisted dying and more…. February newsletter  
January 2016 Newsletter (1/1/2016) - In this issue: 2015 Year in Review and President’s Message Outreach Reports Which community leader doesn’t seem interested in speaking to our members? HAAM helps sponsor a refugee family and more… January newsletter
December 2015 Newsletter (12/3/2015) - In this issue: Our Atheist Bible Study wraps up We Stand With Planned Parenthood Reactions to the Refugee Crisis and more… December newsletter
November 2015 Newsletter (11/5/2015) - In this issue: Our Charity of the Month program goes international Hospital chaplains Outreach report from a bible belt school Member reaction to our meeting about Aboriginal issues and more… November Newsletter Addendum: For more on hospital chaplains and an update on the article in this newsletter, see Privacy Issues in Spiritual Care.
October 2015 Newsletter (10/9/2015) - In this issue: We welcome Niigaan Sinclair to our next meeting to discuss aboriginal issues and concerns Photos of River City Reasonfest What do lard and warm socks have in common? Our Charity of the Month needs both items HAAM welcomes the Centre for Inquiry to Manitoba The niqab – yes or no? One of […]
September 2015 Newsletter (9/1/2015) - In August we were busy with our big annual Outreach event. Read all about it, as well as the final preparations and latest updates on Reasonfest! September Newsletter    
Do You Need God to be Good August 2015 Newsletter (7/30/2015) -       In this issue: We’re gearing up for our Summer Outreach in Morden and River City Reasonfest in September An apologist responds to Dr Arthur Schafer’s speech about the ethics of religion, and HAAM provides a rebuttal Updates on Outreach and Religion in Schools and more… August newsletter
July 2015 Newsletter (7/5/2015) - In this issue: HAAM members display their Pride and celebrate the Summer Solstice – lots of photos! We will begin reading the New Testament and get together to discuss the historicity of Jesus Was Hitler an atheist? and more news and updates July newsletter
June 2015 Newsletter (6/3/2015) -   HAAM has a busy summer ahead! In our June newsletter:   Updates on the stories we’ve been following on religion in our public institutions,   Details about all our upcoming events (including speakers who will be appearing at our River City Reasonfest conference in September), and   A link to view the presentation on […]
May 2015 Newsletter (5/3/2015) - Spring is sprung! And HAAM is buzzing with activity. Registration is now open for HAAM’s very first conference…. River City Reasonfest, September 19 and 20, 2015. Buy your tickets now for the low, early bird rate of only $99 for the entire weekend. In this issue: upcoming events including the Pride Parade, our Solstice […]
April 2015 Newsletter (4/6/2015) - April can bring daffodils or blizzards and just about everything in between! But don`t miss out on the latest news. In this month`s newsletter we get details on our April meeting, learn about a call to action here in Winnipeg regarding the Child Evangelism Fellowship in local schools, and learn which book we`re recommending this […]
March 2015 Newsletter (3/3/2015) - We’re busier than a hive of bees this March.  We’re got a book club, our regular monthly meeting, and a secular parenting group meeting. Plus we have updates on other events and important happenings. So, don’t miss out on a single word! March newsletter  
February 2015 Newsletter (2/18/2015) - We’re busy – you’re busy.  We’re cold – you’re cold.  But it’s Winnipeg and we’re used to the winter weather, right?  Find out what’s happening with the Humanists, Atheists & Agnostics of Manitoba by reading our latest newsletter.  Cheers! February newsletter
January 2015 Newsletter (1/12/2015) - Here’s the first HAAM newsletter of 2015. As we finish celebrating one solstice, we look forward to the next (which will be nice and warm, just like in the picture of the Duck Pond in Winnipeg) The newsletter may be a trifle late, but the year started right on time!  If 2015 is anything like […]
December 2014 Newsletter (12/17/2014) - Can it be December already? Can the year be almost over? Get up to date with all the HAAM comings and goings… Click and read! December newsletter
November 2014 Newsletter (11/5/2014) - Wow!  It’s already Nosevember! (courtesy of Cute Overload) So don’t miss out on these stories – especially who’s going to be our guest speaker at our November meeting. November Newsletter
October 2014 Newsletter (10/23/2014) - All the news that’s fit to print… and to read. So please click and read our October newsletter. October newsletter  
September 2014 Newsletter (9/20/2014) - Super secular September is here again, and our fall season starts heating up….  read all the news. September Newsletter
August 2014 Newsletter (8/4/2014) - No time to relax!  August is here. This month we are: going on a fossil dig setting up our booth at the Morden Corn and Apple festival (third year in a row!) planning for Zeteticon 2014 in September, in Fargo, North Dakota.  Road trip anyone? To read all the latest news, have a click: August […]
July 2014 Newsletter (7/30/2014) - Hope you’re having a wonderful summer. To read the July newsletter, click below. July newsletter
June 2014 Newsletter (6/21/2014) - Welcome to Summer! June 21 is World Humanist Day, AND Summer Solstice. Enjoy! June newsletter
May 2014 Newsletter (5/4/2014) - In our May issue: – Our next meeting topic:  “Dealing with Religion in the Workplace”.  Don’t miss it! – MORE upcoming events!  Mark your calendar – Find out how you can join in our latest project!  Operation “Read The Bible”. Read it right here! May Newsletter
April 2014 Newsletter (4/12/2014) - Yes, it’s Winnipeg and we’re waiting for the snow to melt. We only have memories at this point! But in the meantime, take a few minutes to read. In our April 2014 Newsletter, you’ll find: The next Book Club selection for May. What happened when two of our members spoke to a high school class […]
March 2014 Newsletter (2/26/2014) - Greetings! Hope you’re staying warm these days. Dive into our March newsletter to find out What important event is happening March 1st “Who” was a hit at our February meeting Some information on Humanist giving and more! March newsletter
February 2014 Newsletter (2/13/2014) - Happy Darwin Day! Check out the news for February! What happened at the multi-faith panel discussion? Why are we in a different room for the February meeting? Why was our tabling/outreach event at the University of Manitoba so interesting! Read the February news: February newsletter
January 2014 Newsletter (1/6/2014) - Welcome to a new year!  The 2014 Newsletter is here. Upcoming this month:  our Annual General Meeting, a book club, a multi-faith panel discussion… and more! Our own Diana Goods (pic on right) will be participating in a public Panel Discussion.  You can show your support by attending! Click the link below to read… January […]
December 2013 Newsletter (12/4/2013) - In this issue: Winter Solstice Party! What’s so important about Secular Morality?  It was discussed at our Round Table event (pic. at right) Our November meeting was truly inspirational.  Read all about it! December newsletter
November 2013 Newsletter (11/2/2013) - In the November issue: Our October meeting was chilling and spooky. (Member Heather M. in the picture to the right) What is the Faith response to Dying with Dignity?  Find out in this month’s issue. Allan Gregg talks religion and reason at the U of W. Our November meeting focus is all about YOU! Find […]
October 2013 Newsletter (10/1/2013) - Wow!  After a hot September, time to cool down as we roll into October. Our buses are still roaming the city streets, but they won’t be around much longer! Find out who won a prize for the first picture submitted. A.C. Grayling was a hit with HAAM. Find out about his visit to Winnipeg. Learn […]
September 2013 Newsletter (9/2/2013) - It’s Super Secular September in Manitoba!! This month: Our transit advertising hits the streets of Winnipeg We announce our Bus Photo Contest Volunteers venture out to Morden and live to tell the tale! (that’s Dorothy and Diana in the pic to the right) We still have great events happening this month, so read on! September […]
August 2013 Newsletter (8/5/2013) - In the August issue: Canadian Blood Services is on high alert – and donations are urgently needed. HAAM is part of the Partners for Life program.  Find out how you can make your blood donation count. We’re doing it! Making our dream of a Winnipeg Atheist bus advertising campaign a reality! In September, Dying With […]
July 2013 Newsletter (7/10/2013) - In the July issue: We debut our new Banner and Canopy at the Solstice Party! Scott Burton is officially a hero. Donna Harris confesses her honest reactions to a face-to-face talk with a religious believer; and Have you ever told a White Lie? Click the Newsletter link to read all about it! July newsletter
June 2013 Newsletter (6/9/2013) - In June issue: We’re having a Solstice Party! Scott Burton is running for HOW long? Read the story and find out how you can help. We have an update on our Atheist Bus Advertising Campaign. It’s looking good! We had a great time at the Pride Parade.  June newsletter
May 2013 Newsletter (5/4/2013) - In this issue: At our May Meeting, we’re talking about some good news related to Climate Change! Come on out and hear Curt Hull from the Climate Change Connection. Plus… why is Diana Goods spurning a declaration of love? Find out! Image (r) Our panelists at our April Bill 18 Public Discussion. From l. to […]
April 2013 Newsletter (4/4/2013) - The April Newsletter! No regular meeting this month! Instead, we’re hosting a Public Discussion on Manitoba Bill 18, the Anti-Bullying legislation. Also in this month’s issue: Why Sage House is a valuable resource. Pat Morrow tells us to be “out” as an atheist. And more! (picture is from the March 28th Bill 18 rally).  April newsletter
March 2013 Newsletter (3/4/2013) - Our March newsletter. Tracie Harris is our guest speaker (via Skype) for our March meeting. And we discuss bullying and the Office of Religious Freedom. March newsletter
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