There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) on just about every topic on the Internet; Atheism is no exception. If you are beginning to question your beliefs, if you have recently left religion, or if you are merely curious, you may find yourself surfing the web looking for answers.

Here are some lists of web-based resources (news and reference sites, blogs, and videos) that will probably be helpful in understanding nonbelief. These are by no means exhaustive lists; rather, they are some of our favourite sites because they offer clear introductory information and support.

Many of the websites on this list contain links to further information, and many of the authors/bloggers/videographers cited have produced other material in addition to what is included here, so take a look at their channels/blogs/archives as well.

As always, you can contact us if you have questions. Happy clicking!


For information on Humanism, check out our What is Humanism? page. You will find additional links there.


News and Reference


Opinions and Perspectives

Specific Topics and Issues

The Bible

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(refuting religious claims)

Classic Debates

Evolution and Science

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Living Without Religion


Blogs written by people who have left their religion behind

Inspirational Videos

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