June 2016 Newsletter

8a504244-27af-465d-b72b-92999de7774cIn this issue:

  • Medical aid in dying becomes legal
  • Perspective on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights
  • New Outreach plans
  • Summer reading suggestions
  • and more…

June Newsletter


Human Rights Museum Visit and Pastafarian Dinner

canadian-museum-for-human-rightsTour the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and then dare to wear a colander on your head for a Pastafarian Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory!

Humanists value human rights. So let’s spend an afternoon exploring the museum together. Meet in the museum foyer (85 Israel Asper Way) at 1:00 PM. If you have a smart phone, download the app for the self-guided tour. (If you don’t, you can borrow one at the info desk.) We can spend as little or as much time in each gallery as we like, and stay together or break up into smaller groups if we choose. You won’t want to miss the temporary exhibition about Indian Residential Schools, honoring the children who were forced to attend between 1870 and 1996, and symbolizing reconciliation.

When the museum closes at 5:00 PM, we will walk down the street (25 Forks Market Road) for dinner.

spaghetti prayerWho dares to wear a colander on their head to celebrate the Flying Spaghetti Monster? It’s optional, but we’ll feel less silly if we all do it!

Join us for some friendship and fun!

You MUST RSVP for the dinner, as this is a peak time for the restaurant and we need to make a group reservation. Click HERE to RSVP.








May 2014 Newsletter

2013-06-02_GayPride3In our May issue:

– Our next meeting topic:  “Dealing with Religion in the Workplace”.  Don’t miss it!

– MORE upcoming events!  Mark your calendar

– Find out how you can join in our latest project!  Operation “Read The Bible”.

Read it right here!

October 2013 Newsletter

BUS all members cuWow!  After a hot September, time to cool down as we roll into October.

  • Our buses are still roaming the city streets, but they won’t be around much longer! Find out who won a prize for the first picture submitted.
  • A.C. Grayling was a hit with HAAM. Find out about his visit to Winnipeg.
  • Learn more about what Arthur Schafer has to say on the topic of dying with dignity.
  • And much more…

Go ahead! Click and read the October newsletter!

Upcoming Events
  1. HAAM and Eggs Brunch

    February 25 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am
  2. 2017 Film Festival

    April 1 @ 2:45 pm - 5:30 pm
  3. Dying and Rising Gods before Jesus

    April 8 @ 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Future Events

Details TBA

Solstice Party & BBQ
June 24th