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PART FOUR – JOSHUA, JUDGES, AND RUTH -   Introduction Joshua Joshua tells of the entry of the Israelites into Canaan and their conquest and division of the land. The killings continue; Joshua’s God is a God of war. This is also the book in which God makes the sun stand still. Although tradition holds that it was written by Joshua, it is […]
Day 70 - Joshua 1-4 So now finally the Israelites are going to proceed across the Jordan River and claim the Promised Land. Chapter 1 Joshua 1:9 was used to inspire US troops during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Funny how every warrior believes god is on their side. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Chapter […]
Day 71 - Joshua 5-8 Chapter 5 Do v 2-8 even make sense? The covenant of circumcision goes way back (see Genesis 17 and Leviticus 12), so why weren’t the Israelites performing it all along with each new baby boy? How come all of a sudden there’s a big rush to get everyone ‘done’? And what’s the point […]
Day 72 - Joshua 9-11 Chapter 9 In the NLT, chapter 9 is titled “The Gibeonites Deceive Israel”, which just goes to show how skewed history is, with favor given to those writing it. I think a more apt title would be “Gibeonites use their brains to save their own butts”. And Joshua comes across as an idiot, […]
Day 73 - Joshua 12-15 Chapter 12 In case you care, Joshua 12 has the complete list of all the 31 kings and tribes that the Israelites massacred under Joshua, and a description of the territories that were conquered. So you might think that they’re done! But no…… chapter 13 starts with a list of the lands and […]
Day 74 - Joshua 16-18 Chapter 16 This is a complete snoozefest, except that I see another fail at the end – god didn’t succeed in driving the natives out of Gezer, either. Chapter 17 The 5 daughters of Zelophehad show up again, wanting their inheritance. (Remember them from Numbers 27?) So Joshua grants them a parcel of […]
Day 75 - Joshua 19-21 Joshua 19 Well, skim through it just so you can say you did. How many people would even know that this mind-boggling monotonous stuff is in here? Now you do. And at the end, note that Joshua gets his very own town, because god said he could have any town he wanted. (v […]
Day 76 - Joshua 22-24 Chapter 22 We finally get an actual plot twist. The tribes that are to settle on the east side of the Jordan head back there after the fighting is over in Canaan. But on the way they build an altar. When the other tribes find out, there are accusations of idolatry. But the […]
Day 77 - Judges 1-2 OK brace yourselves; it’s gonna get ugly. After Joshua dies, the Israelites are no longer unified, and they have spread out over a wide territory. And remember those local tribes that were not defeated in the last few chapters of Joshua? Well…… they’re baaaaaaack! Wars and chaos ensues. Chapter 1 This is mostly […]
Day 78 - Judges 3-5 Chapter 3 We start with the Israelites living in peace with their neighboring tribes. Too bad they couldn’t have kept it that way. But Yahweh couldn’t stand not being the centre of attention, so he caused them to become slaves to a local tribe (it doesn’t say how). Then Yahweh sends a judge […]
Day 79 - Judges 6-7 Chapter 6 Israel is starving at the hands of the Midianites, who were “as thick as locusts; they arrived on droves of camels too numerous to count” (v 5). (Interesting how that’s possible, since just a couple of hundred years before, in Numbers 31:7, the Israelites had slain all the Midianite males.) Anyway, […]
Day 80 - Judges 8-9 Chapter 8 These two chapters conclude the story of Gideon. The tribes are bickering in chapter 8. First the Ephraimites complain they weren’t consulted sooner, and then the men of two towns refuse to feed Gideon’s army until the last Midianite kings are captured. Gideon catches the kings, all right. Then he takes […]
Day 81 - Judges 10-12 Chapter 10 The cycle of sinning and contrition continues in – this is the 5th time we have read the same basic story. (There will be 12 judges in all.) Only the details change – the number of years the Israelites are enslaved, the people that God sells them to, and the person […]
Day 82 - Judges 13-15 Chapter 13 Next up is Samson. An angel appears to his mother and tells her that she will become pregnant with a son who will save their people. (This sounds kind of familiar – isn’t there a similar story in Luke?) Her son will be a Nazirite. (Quick refresher – Nazarites were described […]
Day 83 - Judges 16-18 Chapter 16 This is a tribute to stupidity. The Philistines want to know how to defeat Samson’s strength so they can capture him, and they beg Samson’s girlfriend Delilah to find out for them. Even when he realizes what she is up to, he doesn’t turf her out (score one for stupid), and […]
Day 84 - Judges 19-21 Chapter 19 We have one more final, gruesome tale before the end of Judges. If you’re a fan of slasher/horror movies, you’re gonna love this one. I wonder why Hollywood hasn’t done it? It starts in Bethlehem of Judah with a Levite and his concubine – how come the pilgrims who visit there […]
Day 85 - Ruth The book of Ruth doesn’t really fit in with the other books we’ve read so far, so I was curious about why it got stuck into the bible where it is, between Judges and Samuel. I found that in the Jewish bible, the books are organized into 3 sections: the Torah (first 5 books […]
PART FIVE – SAMUEL AND 1 KINGS - Introduction Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings make up the section of the Hebrew Bible referred to as the Deuteronomistic history. 1 and 2 Samuel were originally a single book, but the first Greek translation, produced around the second century BCE, divided it into two. According to Jewish tradition the book was written by Samuel, with […]
Day 86 - 1 Samuel 1-3 Chapter 1 Notice that verse 5 doesn’t say that Hannah cannot conceive, or that the couple is infertile, but rather that ‘the Lord had shut up her womb’. It’s a great example of the pre-scientific or magical thinking that nourishes religion, but it makes me sad for all the couples who have […]
Day 87 - 1 Samuel 4-8 Chapter 4 The sordid saga of constant war continues. The Israelites take the Ark of the Covenant onto the battlefield thinking it will protect them, but it doesn’t. Believers attribute this not to the failure of the Ark’s protection, but to the Israelites’ lack of sufficient faith or obedience. (What a surprise!) […]
Day 88 - 1 Samuel 9-12 Chapter 9 God chooses Saul to be Samuel’s successor. There’s no reason given, and Saul shows no indication of any special characteristics that prove him a leader. In fact, he is has just lost the donkeys he is supposed to be tending – not a good omen. Samuel finds them without even […]
Day 89 - 1 Samuel 13-14 Chapter 13 This chapter has issues right in the first verse. The Hebrew-English translation reads: “Saul was —- years old when he began to reign; and two years he reigned over Israel.” If the bible version you’re reading has a number in there, it’s a guess. I looked at 3 other versions; […]
Day 90 - 1 Samuel 15-17 Chapter 15 The violence continues (well what did you expect?). I haven’t been doing the math, but it would seem to me that, given the population of the world at that time, the number of soldiers and casualties described so far in the bible is unrealistic. Hundreds of thousands (e.g. see v […]
Day 91 - 1 Samuel 18-20 Chapter 18 Well there’s no doubt that the defining theme of chapter 18 is the nature of the relationship between David and Jonathan. Whether or not it can be viewed as sexual depends not just on which translation of the bible you read (some verses vary widely), but also on the bias […]
Day 92 - 1 Samuel 21-24 Chapter 21 David flees to Nob, where he lies to the priest to obtain food and weapons. The priest tells him he and his men can have the Holy bread if they have not been with any women recently. (Sure wouldn’t want the Holy bread contaminated.) David feigns mental illness to illicit […]
Day 93 - 1 Samuel 25-27 Chapter 25 Samuel finally dies at the beginning of the chapter, and his death only merits one verse. Kind of weird, especially since his farewell speech was way back in chapter 12. Anyway, the rest of the chapter is devoted to the story of Nabal and his wife Abigail. I don’t know […]
Day 94 - 1 Samuel 28-31 Chapter 28 Well isn’t this karma! Saul is afraid of the Philistine army now that David has joined them, and Yahweh won’t tell him what to do, so he looks for a fortune-teller, even although god condemned fortune-tellers way back in Exodus 22, and Saul himself banned them a few verses earlier. […]
Day 95 - 2 Samuel 1-3 “The book of Second Samuel, [is] an … R-rated chronicle of David’s serial-killer years“. From this intro on the SAB website, I’d say it’s not gonna be any better than the last few books. Chapter 1 And in the very first chapter, I’m not disappointed. David returns from slaughtering the Amalekites (how […]
Day 96 - 2 Samuel 4-7 Chapter 4 This chapter suffers from really poor editing (and that’s saying something, since the whole bible could use an editor). Verse 4 simply bears no relation to anything else in the chapter. I kept waiting for it to tie in, but it doesn’t. There simply isn’t much else of note, unless […]
Day 97 - 2 Samuel 8-12 Chapter 8 Well it took some doing, but David’s behavior in v 2 hit a new low for me. And in verse 4, the number of charioteers captured varies between versions because of discrepancies in the original texts (Dead Sea scrolls vs Masoretic text). The same perfect god who made David victorious […]
Day 98 - 2 Samuel 13-15 Chapter 13 Chapter 13 is so sordid I’m not going to recap it. A couple of discussion points – why is it that Tamar wants Amnon to marry her? Sad statement about the status of women in society, that she would prefer marrying her rapist over the alternative, which seems to be […]
Day 99 - 2 Samuel 16-18 Chapter 16 So remember Jonathan’s son who David fostered back in 2 Sam 9? Well in chapter 16, now that David’s on the losing side of the civil war, the son turns away from David, in hopes of getting his kingdom back from Absalom. I’m not sure why he would think that…. […]
Day 100 - 2 Samuel 19-21 Chapter 19 We finally hear someone who makes sense. Joab loses patience with David and tells him to quit his whining and smarten up (v 5-8). So David returns to Jerusalem and plays the smarmy politician again. He straightens out his affairs, forgives the guy who mocked him, makes peace with Jonathan’s […]
Day 101 - 2 Samuel 22-24 Chapter 22 David’s words (especially v 1-7) sound very familiar to those of us who have sung psalms and hymns, and indeed, the SAB points out that this chapter mirrors Psalm 18. Verses 8-16 get quite fanciful and are full of pre-scientific thinking (earthquakes are caused by god’s wrath), and verses 21-25 […]
Day 102 - 1 Kings 1-2 Chapter 1 We’ve made it to Kings! Is David dead yet? Not quite, but as good as….. you know he must be near death when a young virgin doesn’t revive him (v 1-4). His heirs are already scheming to succeed him, and his officials are choosing sides. What follows is a re-write […]
Day 103 - 1 Kings 3-5 Chapter 3 Solomon ‘made an alliance’ with the pharaoh and married his daughter! Huh? What about all of Yahweh’s laws against intermarriage (see Deut 7:3-4)???? Obviously political deals win over religious dogma. And am I the only one who noticed? Even the SAB gave that verse a pass… But Solomon gets away […]
Day 104 - 1 Kings 6-7 Chapter 6 These two chapters are of interest mainly to builders and architects. Skim through them and you’ll know all about how to build a temple. What interests me is that after hearing all about this legendary temple, its actual size turns out to be quite small – 30 X 90 feet, […]
Day 105 - 1 Kings 8-9 Chapter 8 Solomon brings the Ark into his newly completed temple. There is great celebration at the dedication, resulting in the sacrifice of thousands of animals. And what would an opening ceremony be without the obligatory longwinded speech? Solomon’s prayer to Yahweh is less presumptuous and egocentric than that of many of […]
Day 106 - 1 Kings 10-11 Chapter 10 We meet the Queen of Sheba, who visits to check Solomon out. She has heard so much about his wealth and wisdom, she just has to meet him in person! The rest of the chapter is an anthology of extravagance, as it lists Solomon’s vast amounts of gold and other […]
Day 107 - 1 Kings 12-14 Chapter 12 And I was right. Rehoboam didn’t last very long. Jeroboam returns to Israel, gathers the leaders, and demands an end to the extreme forced labor practices imposed by Solomon. Rehoboam ignores the advice of experienced counsel and vows to drive the workers even harder. The words he uses to make […]
Day 108 - 1 Kings 15-17 Chapter 15 Blah blah blah…. same old. Judah is constantly at war with the rest of Israel. We keep hearing over and over how nobody is ever as good as David was. The `bad’ people erect pagan shrines and worship idols. The `good` people worship Yahweh, destroy the idols, and drive out […]
Day 109 - 1 Kings 18-20 Chapter 18 Now we meet a prophet named Obadiah. I had never even heard of him until I participated in the musical Guys and Dolls in high school and learned it was Sky Masterson’s real name. Even then, the name meant nothing to me; we didn’t read this stuff in my church. […]
Day 110 - 1 Kings 21-22 Chapter 21 Ahab tries to use governmental powers to take over private land – obviously not much has changed over the years. The owner, Naboth, refuses, citing Jewish law that requires the land be kept in the family (v 3). (Such laws, known as ‘fee tails’, were designed to keep estates intact.) […]
PART SIX – 2 KINGS AND 1 CHRONICLES - Introduction 2 Kings The violence continues in 2 Kings. Elijah concludes his ministry and hands over the reins to another up and coming prophet named Elisha. Elijah is taken up to heaven in a whirlwind by a chariot of fire. Major themes of Kings are God’s promise, the recurrent apostasy of the kings, and the […]
Day 111 - 2 Kings 1-3 Chapter 1 In chapter 1 we meet Baalzebub. Apparently Baal simply means lord or master, and originally Baalzebul meant lord of the heavenly house. Baalzebub is a derogatory corruption of this. Over time, the name became Beelzebub, and the meaning came to refer to the prince or leader of the devils or […]
Day 112 - 2 Kings 4-5 Chapter 4 This is just another batch of magic tricks, and another example of how legends rip off of one another. Elisha now copies the previous miracles of Elijah – stretching limited food and raising the dead – and adds a new one – neutralizing poison in a stew pot with a […]
Day 113 - 2 Kings 6-8 Chapter 6 The cheap magic tricks continue as Elisha makes an ax-head float on water (v 6). Neato – how come Jesus didn’t copy that one? But it seems to me that there could be more worth-while displays of supernatural powers. I guess there is, in v 12, as Elisha uses ESP […]
Day 114 - 2 Kings 9-11 Chapter 9 She’s back! I thought we’d seen the last of Jezebel…. In chapter 9, Elisha anoints Jehu as King of Israel and sends him the message that Yahweh instructs him to “avenge the murder of my prophets and all the Lord’s servants who were killed by Jezebel. The entire family of […]
Day 115 - 2 Kings 12-14 Chapter 12 Little Joash becomes king of Judah. Make sure you’ve got that, because his name is also written as Jehoash or Joas, and furthermore he is a different king than King Jehoash of Israel, son of Jehoahaz (we’ll meet them in chapter 13). I’m confused already. Joash’s reign brings corruption among […]
Day 116 - 2 Kings 15-17 Chapter 15 We’re up to King Azariah (aka Uzziah) of Judah, who Yahweh struck with leprosy because he did not destroy the pagan shrines. The rest of this chapter lists a long succession of various kings of Israel and Judah who do evil in the lord’s sight and are variously at war […]
Day 117 - 2 Kings 18-19 Chapter 18 The chapter opens with a glaring inconsistency. Hezekiah son of Ahaz takes the throne of Judah at the age of 25. However, ch 16:2 states that Ahaz was 20 when he became king and that he reigned for 16 years. That would make him only 36 when his 25 year […]
Day 118 - 2 Kings 20-22 Chapter 20 Hezekiah is ill, and Isaiah tells him to get his affairs in order. But after Hezekiah whines and cries, Yahweh relents and tells Isaiah to pass on the message that King Hez can live another 15 years. Isaiah makes an ointment from figs, spreads it on the boil and Hezekiah […]
Day 119 - 2 Kings 23-25 Chapter 23 This is Josiah’s last stand. He desperately tries to slam the brakes on the train wreck that is Judah, and make things right with Yahweh. He reads the whole Book of Laws to the people, and then starts cleaning house, getting rid of all the idols, pagan priests and ‘sodomites’ […]
Day 120 - 1 Chronicles 1-2 Welcome to Chronicles. Chapters 1 and 2 are nothing but lists of begats which should take you about 15 seconds to skim before your eyes glaze over. The SAB notes a few minor inconstancies between these list vs the same genealogies in Genesis. The only point of interest in ch 1 is […]
Day 121 - 1 Chronicles 3-5 Chapter 3 There’s nothing worth of note in Chapter 3 unless you care about the details of the contradictions in the genealogies – was Solomon David’s second or fourth son, how many generations from David to the Babylonian captivity, etc. Consult the SAB for details. Chapter 4 This is a snoozefest, except […]
Day 122 - 1 Chronicles 6 Chapter 6 is so special that it rates a whole day to itself on the reading schedule. Hahahaha – we basically get a day off, so enjoy. This chapter is nothing but the genealogy of the Levite clan, complete with the list of names of those who served as temple musicians, and […]
Day 123 - 1 Chronicles 7-8 Chapter 7 This chapter is notable only for its interesting contradiction in verse 6 – who were the sons of Benjamin? Check this list against 3 other accounts – Genesis 46:21; Numbers 26:38-40; and 1 Chronicles 8:1-2. Only one name (Bela) is found on all 4 lists. Chapter 8 There’s nothing to […]
Day 124 - 1 Chronicles 9-11 Chapter 9 This chapter discusses the gradual return of the Israelites to Jerusalem after their exile to Babylon. It lists the names of the families who returned, and details about their roles and occupations; like we care about who guarded the gates and who mixed the spices for the temple. Chapter 10 […]
Day 125 - 1 Chronicles 12-14 Chapter 12 … zzzzzz… more of David’s warriors and their exploits, “The weakest among them could take on a hundred regular troops, and the strongest could take on a thousand!” (v 14 NLT). Sounds like these stories have been embellished over the years – just a bit. Chapter 13 This is just […]
Day 126 - 1 Chronicles 15-17 Chapter 15 This is a rehash of David’s triumphal procession into Jerusalem with the Ark. It lists the name of every friggin’ musician in the band. Enjoy reading that! The highlight for me was the superstitious nonsense in v 12-15, blaming the disaster of chapter 13 (where the Ark almost toppled and […]
Day 127 - 1 Chronicles 18-21 Chapter 18 On and on with the rehash of the stories of David from the book of Samuel. If you didn’t quite absorb all that the first time round, you can read them here in abridged form. Otherwise, just skim over them. Chapter 19 Ditto. A rehash of David’s battles and body […]
Day 128 - 1 Chronicles 22-24 Chapter 22 David begins amassing construction materials for the temple his son Solomon will build. There’s an explanation here that I don’t remember reading last time, about why David will not build the temple himself “But the Lord said to me, ‘You have killed many men in the battles you have fought. […]
Day 129 - 1 Chronicles 25-27 Chapter 25 zzzzzz. Names and details of all the temple musicians. Only verse 3 is interesting, because of an error/contradiction. ” … the sons of Jeduthun; Gedaliah, and Zeri, and Jeshaiah, Hashabiah, and Mattithiah, six….” (KJV) – but that’s only 5. This has been corrected/amended in modern translations, with the addition of […]
Day 130 - 1 Chronicles 28 David makes it quite clear that Yahweh has chosen Solomon to succeed him on the throne (v 4-8). This is interesting because it doesn’t exactly jive with the story in 1 Kings 1, where Bathsheba conspired with the prophet Nathan to persuade David to name Solomon as his heir instead of his […]
PART SEVEN – 2 CHRONICLES, EZRA, AND NEHEMIAH - Introduction 2 Chronicles This book focuses mostly on Solomon. We learn that the Biblical value for pi is three, and that Asa died because when he was ill, he did not seek the Lord’s help but turned only to his physicians. God’s killings and punishments continue right up to the end of the book. Next […]
Day 131 - 2 Chronicles 1-5 Chapter 1 2 Chronicles starts with Solomon taking over as king. There’s a brief recap of his request for wisdom (see 1 Kings 3), followed by an itemized list of all his riches. Yawn…. Chapter 2 Solomon proceeds with the plans for the temple and a palace for himself. “He enlisted a […]
Day 132 - 2 Chronicles 6-8 Chapter 6 Solomon’s long-winded, self-congratulatory, and very boring temple dedication speech. So glad I didn’t actually have to sit through it! Chapter 7 The description of the festivities, which include the slaughter of 142,000 animals as a sacrifice, continues in chapter 7, which also contains this verse: “Then if my people who […]
Day 133 - 2 Chronicles 9-12 Chapter 9 Another story of the visit of the Queen of Sheba and enumeration of Solomon’s riches (see 1 Kings 10). zzzzzz – we’ve read all this before. Solomon dies at the end of the chapter. I’m realizing there is something peculiar about the books of Chronicles compared to Samuel and Kings. […]
Day 134 - 2 Chronicles 13-17 Chapter 13 A reprise of the pissing contest that is the war between Israel and Judah. King Abijah of Judah is convinced that Yahweh is on his side, and it seems he was right, because Judah won. So Abijah grows more powerful, and acquires 14 wives (v 21). I guess that’s how […]
Day 135 - 2 Chronicles 18-20 Chapter 18 A reprise of 1 Kings 22. Nothing strikes me as significantly different here. Chapters 19 and 20 Ditto. These chapter conclude the reign of Jehoshophat. Clearly the point of Chronicles, if you haven’t already figured it out, is to glorify the Hebrew kings, particularly David’s lineage. Sordid personal details that […]
Day 136 - 2 Chronicles 21-24 Chapter 21 Mostly a snooze-fest except for a couple of interesting lines. Verse 11 says that Jehoram “caused the inhabitants of Jerusalem to commit fornication” (KJV); the NIV likewise states that he “caused the people of Jerusalem to prostitute themselves”; but the NLT changes that to “go astray”. Politically correct, much? In […]
Day 137 - 2 Chronicles 25-27 Chapter 25 V 4 says that parents will not be put to death for the sins of their children, or vice versa. Funny, that’s not what I remember reading in Exodus 20:5. In verse 7, Yahweh takes sides in battle against Israel, for ‘the lord is not with Israel’. Wow, how fickle […]
Day 138 - 2 Chronicles 28-31 Chapter 28 We revisit 2 Kings 16, the story of Ahaz. But again there is detail added here that is not found in the original version. Read 28:5-15 for the story of how the prophet Oded persuades the Israelites to show mercy to their prisoners after defeating Judah in battle. You won’t […]
Day 139 - 2 Chronicles 32-34 Chapter 32 We’re back to the story of King Sennacherib of Assyria threatening Judah. King Hezekiah rallies his troops by telling them “Be strong and courageous! Don’t be afraid or discouraged because of the king of Assyria or his mighty army, for there is a power far greater on our side! He […]
Day 140 - 2 Chronicles 35-36 Chapter 35 This chapter is remarkable only for its listing of the sheer thousands of innocent animals slaughtered for Passover. And didn’t we just do this a couple of chapters back? These numbers have to be a huge exaggeration; otherwise sheep would be extinct by now. And in verse 24 there’s a […]
Day 141 - Ezra 1-3 Welcome to the book of Ezra. It continues the story where we left off with the Babylonian exile and needs a bit of explanation and context – or at least it did for me. After reading the first couple of chapters I was hopelessly lost and had to do some research to figure […]
Day 142 - Ezra 4-7 Chapter 4 This demonstrates how little human nature has changed in the past two or more millennia. When the Jews start rebuilding the temple, the locals initially offer to help, but they are rebuffed since they are not among Yahweh’s chosen people. Outsiders aren’t welcome. Pissed right off, the locals (mainly Samaritans, apparently) […]
Day 143 - Ezra 8-10 Chapter 8 This reads like a travel diary. It lists all the families and genealogies of the people who returned from Babylon in Ezra’s company, and the details about their journey. There was a hitch when Ezra realized he had no Levites in the group and he had to go back and round […]
Day 144 - Nehemiah 1-3 Chapter 1 The events in the book of Nehemiah begin in “the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes’ reign” (1:2), which puts them between about 445 and 533 BCE. Nehemiah is the cup-bearer to King Artaxerxes I. Let’s pause here for a history lesson to break the monotony. “A cup-bearer was an officer of […]
Day 145 - Nehemiah 4-6 Chapter 4 The opponents of the city’s restoration project continue to mock and deride the workers and try to sabotage their efforts to prevent completion. The wall is now completed to half its intended height (v 6). The Jews end up having to protect the work sites, with half the workers alternating as […]
Day 146 - Nehemiah 7 After the wall is finished, Nehemiah appoints staff. Then god inspires him to take a census. He says he “found the genealogical record of those who had first returned to Judah. This is what was written there: …” (v 5). Then the rest of the chapter recaps Ezra ch 2. So the lists […]
Day 147 - Nehemiah 8-9 Chapter 8 Ezra and Nehemiah are in Jerusalem together, and Ezra reads from the Torah for hours in the public square (seven days in a row). The people praise the lord and rediscover the Festival of Shelters (Sukkot), which they then observe. Apparently the Israelites had not celebrated like that since the days […]
Day 148 - Nehemiah 10-11 Chapter 10 Here come the promises that the people made: 1) not to let their kids intermarry with the riff-raff 2) not to conduct business on the Sabbath 3) to let the land rest and 4) to forgive debts every seven years 5) pay taxes for the temple 6) take turns (as decided […]
Day 149 - Nehemiah 12-13 Chapter 12 The unbelievably boring list of people returning to live in Jerusalem concludes in chapter 12. Then follows a boring description of the ceremony to dedicate the new walls. Levites throughout the land were invited to come and participate, and their names and duties (like who played what instrument and who sang […]