Other Organizations:

The following are organizations with whom HAAM has contacts or an affiliation (either current or past). They are listed here for reference purposes only, and a group’s inclusion on this list does not necessarily imply endorsement.

399499_316451635111044_1332289357_nBritish Columbia Humanists The British Columbia Humanist Association is the oldest organization of freethinkers in the Lower Mainland. For over 25 years, they have provided a community for humanists, atheists, agnostics, and other freethinkers in Vancouver and across the province.


ZeiAywkKCentre for Inquiry Canada CFI Canada is a volunteer-based, registered Canadian charity overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors with advice on matters of operations and public policy. Its members seek to build skeptical, secular, humanistic communities.


DWD logoDying With Dignity The Winnipeg chapter of Dying With Dignity Canada is dedicated to educating people on patient rights, advocating on members’ behalf when their wishes are not being respected, and fighting for the rights of all Canadians to have a dignified end to life, no matter how they define it.
Eastman Humanist Community A supportive community for nonbelievers living in the Steinbach area of Manitoba.
Kq3ege5-Humanist Canada


The voice of Canadian Humanists since 1968.


e81c0329f9951e1c60658fcf043ec742_400x400Saskatoon Freethinkers This Saskatoon affiliate of CFI Canada supports its members and the local community through social activities and educational outreach.


422123_381797851831438_1532917639_nSecular Connection Seculaire SCS seeks to provide communication conduits for Canadian Humanist organizations and support for the efforts of local organizations and seeks support for its efforts to advocate to the Canadian government on the behalf of Canadian Humanists.


2011-09-18-020-e1316409740100Society of Edmonton Atheists The Society of Edmonton Atheists (SEA) fosters community among atheists, agnostics and freethinkers through discussion, constructive activism, education and philanthropy.


SOFREE_Tshirt1_2013_backSociety of Ontario Freethinkers An atheist social network promoting humanist principles, Free thought, critical thinking and separation of church and state.


WSWinnipeg Skeptics The Skeptics promote science and critical thinking with regard to pseudoscientific, supernatural, or paranormal claims. They also produce the Life, the Universe, and Everything Else podcast.